4 Top Unspoiled Greece Islands You Should Visit and Explore

     Top Unspoiled Greece Islands – From the capital of the country up to the smallest inhabited islands in Greece are tons of stunning places like the Giola lagoon are just waiting for travelers. Listed as one of the most visited countries in Europe together with Italy France, United Kingdom and etc.

You can’t surely be wrong spending your savings just to travel Greece. With its remarkable convoluted historical sites, exceptional coastline, breathtaking beach and caves, superb backwaters, mountainous landscape like in Socotra Island and etc. Perhaps the country of Greece is the greatest place every aspiring traveler could ever imagine.

     To add few more reasons to visit the country, consider some of these traditional and top unspoiled Greece islands in your next travel adventure. Who would knew these places might be the most unforgettable vacation you’ll ever have. Enjoy!

Top Unspoiled Greece Islands You Should Visit and Explore Includes:

Paxos and Antipaxos, Ionian Islands - Top Unspoiled Greece Islands
Paxos and Antipaxos, Ionian Islands – Top Unspoiled Greece Islands

Paxos and Antipaxos, Ionian Islands

     – Located near to the southern coast of Corfu, Paxos is only 15 kilometers south wile Antipaxos is about 3km south of Paxos. The islands of Ionian is famous for its white sand beaches, turqoise waiter and laidback villas. Perfect for solo travelers, relaxed couples and families looking for a great places to unwind.

Alonissos Islands, Sporades

     – The island of Alonissos islands may not be often  visited by tourist but it has one of the most natural and cozy beaches in Greece. Alonissis is also famous for its traditional and picturesque villages, aromatic olive and pine trees, green slush slopes and etc.

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Milos Islands, Cyclades - Top Unspoiled Greece Islands
Milos Islands, Cyclades – Top Unspoiled Greece Islands

Milos Islands, Cyclades

     – Most people only know this place where statue of Venus (Aphrodite) is located – now in Paris Louvre Museum. But basically the wonderful island of Milos, Cyclades has more than.  There are more than 50 beaches in estimated 151 square kilometer total land area. The island gives the most beautiful sunset  and gentle breeze in September to October and in months of April to May the island is said to be perfect to keen natural perfumes and witness scenis landscapes.

Kastelorizo Island, Dodecanese

     – Kastelorizo or Castellorizo is municipality located in the southeastern Mediterranean in Greece. Specifically located 2km off the south coast of Turkey. About 78 miles east of Rhodes, 570km southeast of Athens and almost halfway between Antalya and Rhodes with estimated distance of 280km to Cyprus as per Wikipedia report. Once you visit the island you will surely be speechless by its harbour beauty, colorful facades reflecting the crystal water of the sea, picturesque historical mansions and fishing boats and etc.

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  1. Greece is a beautiful country and like everyone else who wants to go there, this is on my travel bucket list. I’m planning a trip to Greece either next year or in 2018 and I’m definitely going to make sure that I get to go to these lovely islands.

  2. wow, this is really a timely post for me! my friend is planning to visit Greece next year and asked if I wanna join them! I can share this post with her and see if we can work out an itinerary around these attractions.

  3. There are so many beautiful places in Greece and you can’t got there without exploring these lovely islands! Each one deserves to be recognized and enjoyed!

  4. Greece looks amazing! I’ve seen photos of Greece because I work for a travel photographer and it’s one of those places that I intend to visit someday!

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