5 Quick Facts About Kilauea Smiling Volcano That Went Viral Online

   Facts About Kilauea Smiling Volcano – Humans have already witnessed a lot of weird sightings and unusual phenomena from all over the world. From strange creature caught on tape, unexplained objects seen in the sky, bone-chilling places and activities that has been captured in photo. All of them are probably things we humans can’t explain but science can do.

     But what if there’s an unusual yet interesting happening that does not scare or terrify us humans. Instead when we see these pictures and video online. It gives a little joy and cuteness some place in our heart. Now were talking about the smiling volcano in Hawaii that went viral online.

Milky Way and Shooting Star at Kilauea Caldera Rim - Facts About Kilauea Smiling Volcano
Milky Way and Shooting Star at Kilauea Caldera Rim – Facts About Kilauea Smiling Volcano

     An ordinary and active planetary mass-object at first glance.  But when a smiling magma was formed at top of the crater was captured. It’s certainly became an instantly celebrity capturing hearts of million people online. To get to know more about the famous volcano located in Hawaii. We have gathered simple yet informative travel facts about the Kilauea smiling volcano that went viral online. Enjoy!

Quick Facts About Kilauea Smiling Volcano That Went Viral Online Includes:

1. According to the U.S Geological Survey (USGS), the volcano in Hawaii has always been actively erupting since 1983. Kilauea is also one of five active volcanoes in the island. Its last eruption was way back in 2103, where it creates a huge impact sending lava in the ocean for the first time.

2. As per article in Volcano Discovery, Kilauea in Hawaii is the youngest yet most active shield volcano specifically located in the southern part known as Big Island. As of now the volcano is one of the most actively long-lived eruptions on earth.

3. Kilauea volcano was formed an intraplate hot spot, emerged from the sea more than 50,000 years ago and it has been active ever since. Most of its eruptions are relatively lava flows, often in lava fountains that molten magma high in the air before it flows down to its slopes.

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4. According to Live Science, the volcano was once rises to 1,277 meter (4190 feet) above sea level and about 14 percent of the Big Island in Hawaii. The volcano also  has a large summit 3 x 5 km caldera with a central cater which is according to the legends, the home of fire goddess Pele.

5. The photos and videos of Kilauea smiling volcano was taken by Paradise Helicopters. As they flew along the south-eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii they documented a 6.5 mile journey towards the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s a Video Clip of Kilauea Smiling Volcano That Went Viral Online:


Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK & Stacey Berardino Flickr

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