5 Random Facts About Natural Elephant Rock Heimaey Iceland

     Random Facts About Natural Elephant Rock Heimaey Iceland – When you saw the featured image of this article, you’re probably in doubt if this insanely unique rock formation exist in earth. Well, just as this moment we’re telling you that it happened to be found in  the country of Iceland.

     With estimated 13.4 square kilometres land area, the Heimaey Island in Icelandic area is reported to be the largest and the most populated in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. The island has more than than 4,500 residents and a large part of the island is the Westman Island Golf Club and its airport.

5 Random Facts About Natural Elephant Rock Heimaey Iceland

     To simply get to know more about this rock formation. Here we have gathered random facts about Natural Elephant Rock Heimaey Iceland for everyone’s information and reference. Hopefully you’ll find this post entertaining at the same worth sharing. Enjoy!

Random Facts About Natural Elephant Rock Heimaey Iceland Includes:

1. This unique and famous sight in Iceland was formed by volcanoes , looking like a giant elephant rising out from the sea.

2. A volcano on Heimaey named Eldfell erupted way back in January 23 1973, forcing more than 4,500 people to evacuated by fishing boats into near safe Island.

3. During the eruption, more than half of the town was crushed. But fortunately it increases the land area of Heimaey from 4.3 sq. mil (11.2km2) to 55.19 sq. mil (13.44km2).

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4. After the volcano calm down around the months of July 1973. Inhabitants from the island continuously pump cold water from the sea into the lava that was happened to destroy the harbor and livelihood of the people, until a huge rock with the shape of pachyderm slowly came out in the coast of the island.

5. Tourist from all over world flock to Heimaey also known as Home Island, just to witness this majestic rock formation made out of basalt rock and to see cute puffins in summer.

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