6 Pink Lake Hillier Fast Facts

     Lake Hillier fast facts – a 600m long pink-colored lake located in the Western part in Australia. Surrounded with white nearly brownish sand, a number of eucalyptus and paperbark trees. This weird colored saline lake or salt lake is in island where migratory birds are found and wildlife animals are abundant.

     To continue, we have gathered more facts about this strange lake and hopefully you’ll find this article interesting and informative. Without delay here are our pink Lake Hillier fast facts.

Pink Lake Hillier Fast Facts Includes:

Amazing Pink Lake Hillier in Australia
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1. During the expedition of the cartographer and navigator Matthew Flinders in Australia. He was the first person who discovered this strange lake in 1802. He took enough samples for his experiments and put it in his journal.

2. Lake Hillier is located in Goldfields-Esperance, Western Australia with about 2000ft (600m) long and about 820 ft (250m) in width.

3. Its variant color pink is said to be Dunaliella Salina microalgae presence in the lake. According to the studies and series of experiments done by the Association of Bio-molecular Resource Facilities and Metagenomic Research Group (MRG). They found Dunaliella Salina and other species of archeabacteria: Dechloromonas Aromatica and Salinibacter ruber.

4. Lake Hillier high salt content is quite a match to the Dead Sea. Though it has also been said that way back then, they used to extract salt from the lake for export purposes. But as of now tourism purposes is there main objective of Lake Hillier.

5. The algae found in the lake is completely harmless to human skin. It simply means that its safe to swim and have fun in the lake. But the problem is its not as accessible as what you think. The only way to reach and view the bubblegum pink-colored lake is by helicopter.

6. And lastly, Lake Hillier in Australia is not the only pink lake in the world. There is a Salina de Torrevieja in Spain, Dusty Rose Lake in Canada, Lake Retba in Senegal and there is another pink colored lake in Australia, Hutt Lagoon.

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