7 Fascinating Vulcan Point Taal Volcano Facts

         Fascinating Vulcan Point Taal Volcano Facts – The Philippines is a Southeastern Asian country known for its white and pristine beaches like Maldives, picture-perfect sceneries like Greece,and various festivals like in Japan. Comprising with more than 7,000 island with more than 80 province, his nation has plenty to offer in terms of travel destinations for foreign tourist. This country is also home of strange yet very interesting places to visit. Just like the very popular Enchanted River in Surigao Del Sur, magnetic hill in Laguna on the way to Mt. Makiling and so much more.

     If you’re into this kind of ultimate adventure stuffs, a few more unusually beautiful place may interest you – Vulcan Point in Taal Volcano, Batangas. A complex planetary mass object located in the island of Luzon. Considered as one of smallest and most active volcano in the Philippines with estimated 33 historical eruptions as per Wiki article.

Taal Valcano, Philippines - Photo by Tam Church Flickr
Taal Valcano, Philippines – Photo by Tam Church Flickr

     For more information about this place, we have gathered fascinating Vulcan Point Taal Volcano facts you probably didn’t know. Hopefully you’ll find this one interesting and worth reading. Enjoy!

Fascinating Vulcan Point Taal Volcano Facts Includes:

1. Vulcan Point in Batangas province is the world’s largest island within a lake (crater of Taal Volcano) inside the island (Taal Volcano) inside the lake (Taal Lake) within the islands (Luzon islands).

2. It was included in Guinness World of Record 2011 for its amazing geographical features.

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3. The tiny island has estimated diameter of 40-50 meters inside the Crater Lake of Taal Volcano.

4. According to CNTraveler, Taal Volcano is the equivalent of Oregon’s famous Crater Lake. Because it has most likely with the same phenomena with caldera of a massive prehistoric volcano.

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7 Fascinating Vulcan Point Taal Volcano Facts - Batangas, Luzon Philippines
7 Fascinating Vulcan Point Taal Volcano Facts – Batangas, Luzon Philippines – Photo by My Globe Official Website

5. A series of volcanic eruptions happens in Taal happens in  18-19th century, isolating it from the ocean except for one narrow river. It is now home to some unique flora and fauna including one of two known species of sea snakes that can only live in freshwater.

6. According toInternational Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI) , Taal Volcano is one of sixteen “Decade Volcanoes”.

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7. People are now used to call Taal Volcano as world’s largest “triple island.”

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