Android and iPhone Users: Top 5 Free Download Travel Apps 2017 To Effortlessly Spot Stunning Sights

     Top 5 Free Download Travel Apps 2017 – So you’re already planning a holiday vacation before the year of monkey 2016 ends? Or maybe you’re already furious making a list of things to prepare for your summer escapade next year 2017. Well, these simply means you’re more than ready for new countries to explore, more cities to enjoy and greatest picturesque sceneries to  wonder.

     But the question is, are you familiar with the foreign country you travel? Do you have much information in tourist spots you’re planning to visit? And most importantly, how safe it is to travel in a foreign country. Then this might be the best time our must have travel gadget – smartphone comes in.

Android and iPhoneUser - Top 5 Free Download Travel Apps 2016 To Effortlessly Spot Stunning Sights
Android and iPhone User – Top 5 Free Download Travel Apps 2017 To Effortlessly Spot Stunning Sights

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      With tons of travel apps to choose for both android and Apple app store. There will surely be one or two of them you can use to spot stunning sights around the country you travel. To help you guided here we have gathered our staff picks, for android and iPhone users:top 5 free download travel apps 2017 to effortlessly spot stunning sights. Hopefully you’ll find this one helpful and worth sharing. Let’s get into it!

Android and iPhone Users: Top 5 Free Download Travel Apps 2017 To Effortlessly Spot Stunning Sights Includes:

Top 5 Free Download Travel Apps 2016 To Effortlessly Spot Stunning Sights - Google Maps
Top 5 Free Download Travel Apps 2017 To Effortlessly Spot Stunning Sights – Google Maps

1. Google and Apple Maps

–     Though both apps are from different developers still they pretty reliable in terms of giving information. As per Apple Updates in iOS 10:  the app has new filters to find nearby places, cleaner look and more detailed information to subject that we’re looking for. In Google Maps case, users can locate their current location and simply search for tourist spots and restaurants with good reviews.

2. Spotted By Locals

–     When you’re already in a foreign country, hyped about where to visit first and dine. Then Spotted by Local may be answer to your problem. The app will suggest restaurants and food recommendations close to user’s current location, breathtaking sceneries  recommended by local city ($3.99 per city guide). The app also features apartment and hotel search worldwide and the good thing about this, it’s consistently updated with the new tourist spots and other useful information.

3. GoGoBot

–     One of the most popular travel apps today, as it continuously gain positive reviews from millions of its user. It has been featured and reviewed in huge website like Huffington Post, USA Today, Time Magazine and etc. Which simply means this app is definitely secure and reliable. But just like Spotted by Locals the app suggest places and restaurants, what makes it unique and different is that it incorporates a social networking idea, where users can follow their friends who uses the same app. Users also can choose to invite them to build a network and  In addition, GogoBot also promotes entertainment and adventure where the users of this app can search for nearby recommended outdoor and indoor activities.

Top 5 Free Download Travel Apps 2016 - Nearify Travel Mobile App
Top 5 Free Download Travel Apps 2017 – Nearify Travel Mobile App

4. Nearify

–     Stunning sights doesn’t necessarily mean picturesque landscapes, white sand beach, jaw dropping falls and etc. It could also mean events and festival that turn out to be one of the most memorable things you did while traveling. Not to mention the Winter Light Festival in Japan in which we previously tackle, lantern festival in Taiwan, the European Balloon festival and etc. Now if it happens to be you’re interested with this kind of sights, then you should have Nearify in your smartphone. The app will simply give you details into local gigs you’re interested, city events, and other types of happenings like comedy, eating and drinking, music and etc.

 5. Instagram

–     We’re pretty sure you have an Instagram account or maybe at least heard of this app from your friends.  If not then, just simply download Instagram from the app store, login to your account then tap on the search icon. Type your desired place and you can now browse photos from real people posting their happenings in life. You might also be getting selfies with a backdrop of amazing sceneries, beaches, food, bar and restaurants, events, and etc.

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