Blood Falls Antarctica Mystery: The Reason Behind The Red Vivid Water Color Revealed

     Blood Falls Antarctica Mystery – For more than a centuries now, after the falls has been discovered by Australian geologist and explorer Griffith Taylor in 1900’s. There have been a lot of studies conducted by groups of scientist, geologist and researchers around the globe in the strange waterfalls.

     If you could still remember our previous post entitled: 7 Surprising Blood Falls Antarctica Facts, a series of facts, theories, speculations and unsolved questions was then surrounding the site. Like where does the water came from? What is the possible reason behind its unusual water color? Is there an in-ground water system underneath the ice of McMurdo Dry Valley? And so much more. Not until this April 2017,after a study was published in the Journal of Glaciology confirming some old theories of Blood Falls Antarctica.

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Blood Falls Antarctica Mystery: The Reason Behind The Red Vivid Water Color Revealed

Blood Falls Antarctica Mystery - 7 Surprising Blood Falls Antarctica Facts
                                 Blood Falls Antarctica Mystery – 7 Surprising Blood Falls Antarctica Facts | Photo Credits: Owner

       In an article posted in TravelandLeisure official website,a study led by group of researchers and geologist from University of Alaska Fairbanks. They had just confirmed that “a million year-old saltwater lake has trapped beneath the glacier. Leaching iron from the surrounding bedrock and that a “hydrologic system” is carrying the rust-red brine through pressurized crevasses in the ice.“

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    In order for them to understand and determine the path of red-saltwater, the team had to use a technology named Radio-Echo Sounding (RES). A common method used by most glaciologist to measure the subice morphology, ice thickness and internal structures of ice masses. In the context of their research, they had found an upstream network that spans about 1,000 ft.  That has been continuing to flow and endless stream for over a millennia now.

      Now that  scientist and researchers had already discovered and proven some theories surrounding the Blood Falls Antarctica mystery. They concluded that  these studies are just one step closer to “understanding the coupled geochemical evolution of and microbial environment hosted by the brine.”

For full story about the study, read it here: CamBridge.Org – Blood Falls McMurdo Dry Valley Antarctica.

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