Caño Cristales Facts: Get To Know About The River With Five Colors

      Caño Cristales Facts – Most of the year, our river’s today are with the same stream direction, the same water color and most likely the same water level. Some may have encountered severe drought affecting people’s lives and livelihood. Some may have experience change sin terms of tourism – the decreasing numbers of people who visited these bodies of water. And probably some have notice the changes of water color just like the famous pink Link Hillier in Australia, the red Blood Falls in Antarctica and so much more.

      In Caño Cristales case, a river situated in Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta, Colombia. This unusual yet very interesting river has been popular ever since publicized by various online magazines and news website. For its undeniably striking colors, later called as the “Liquid Rainbow” or the “River with Five Colors.”  Now if you want to get to know more about this site, we have gathered interesting Caño Cristales facts that will surely give you an idea and knowledge about this river. Hopefully you’ll find this article worth reading!! Enjoy!!

Caño Cristales Facts: Get To Know About The River With Five Colors Includes:

The River With Five Colors - Caño Cristales Colombia
The River With Five Colors – Caño Cristales Colombia
  • The name of the river “Caño Cristales” in Spanish means crystal spout or glass spout. Or popularly known as “Liquid Rainbow” or “The River of Five Colors”
  • Caño Cristales lies approximately 350 kilometers Southeast of Bogota, Serrania de la Macarena National Park. On the borders of three large ecosystem namely Eastern Llanos, Andes and Amazon rainforest.

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  • The river has estimated 100 kilometers long and not less than 20 meters wide which is also home to more than 400+ species of birds, 40+ species of reptiles and so much more.
  • Unlike any other river, Caño Cristales water stream is not calm. Instead its fast flowing water creates a number of waterfalls and rapid that often creates a circular pits as well as number of waterpools.
  • During the peak season, around the months of June to November. People who visits the river can witness the bright vivid water color of Caño Cristales including green, yellow, black, blue and red.

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Caño Cristales Facts - Get To Know About The River With Five Colors
Caño Cristales Facts – Get To Know About The River With Five Colors  | Photo Credits: RoughGuides Official Website 
  • The reason behind its insanely unique colors is due to “Macarenia clavigera” (Podostemaceae). An endemic reddish plant/algae species which can also be found in local rivers like Caño Siete Machos. According to some sources, there are no fishes in the river as its location are in mountainous regions of Colombia.

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  • Getting to the remote area of Caño Cristales has never been easy. As the only way to get there is by an aircraft, then a boat and a long hike. To get to know information more about this insanely unique and one of a kind river refer here: Geology, Flora and Fauna, Tourism and more.

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