Top 5 Most Instagrammed Travel Destination In USA

     Most Instagrammed Travel Destination In USA – In our current situation these days where any people who owns a must have travel gadget – smartphone, take a photo anywhere they go. Tons of these pictures are surely uploaded in various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and most likely Instagram. These photos can either be selfie/groufie, gastronomic mouthwatering food, a popular tourist destination, a random places they’ve been or anything they feel worth sharing to their followers.

    Regardless of what these photos are, we just can’t deny that most of us are keen seeing photographs that are visually pleasing in our eyes. That’s why a new index by TravelBird has been released, listing the most Instagrammed travel destination in USA. If you’re more than interested to get know what these sites are continue reading below as we list down probably your next travel destination. Enjoy!

Top 5 Most Instagrammed Travel Destination In USA Includes:

4 Time Square New York Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit The City
4 Time Square New York Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit The City | Photo Credits: Owner

5. Time Square, New York

     – With more than 2,560,272 hashtags as per the demographic released by TravelBird. The popular major street intersection in NY has been known globally for its illuminated signs, neon electronic billboards, cinemas and Broadway theaters. As well as amazing museums, fancy restaurants, parks, zoo and shopping malls that you will surely love. On the other hand, this site is one of the most iconic places in the city as every year, people intentionally visit Time Square to witness and celebrate the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

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Top 5 Most Instagrammed Travel Destination In USA - Las Vegas Strip Nevada
Top 5 Most Instagrammed Travel Destination In USA – Las Vegas Strip Nevada Photo Credits: Owner

4. Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

    – Known for its world class hotels, casinos, restaurants and etc. This site has been one of the most iconic and popular tourist destination in United States and in the world. Offering tourist a wide variety of attractions for local/foreign tourist. The strip is more active at night where free street side entertainment happens as well as water fountains dancing to the beat of the music. To get to know more about Las Vegas: TravelaandLeisure has posted an article on how you can make the most of your Vegas trip for free.

3. South Beach, Florida

   – Listed as one of the most top-rated tourist attractions in Miami. This popular beach during summer draw thousands of local and foreign tourist all around the world for its vibrant and active day/night life. South beach in Florida has more than 4,689,396 tags as per the demographic by TravelBird.

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2. Walt Dinsey World, Florida

     – Opened in 1971, this estimated 27,258 acres site perfect for teens, kids and probably adults at heart is one of the most visited resorts in the world with over 52 million visitors. If you’re a big fan of Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo and other animated movies. Then you will surely enjoy Walt Disney World as tons of activities you can do in this entertainment complex. If you’re looking for quite adventure then they also have numerous ride you can choose.

Top 5 Most Instagrammed Travel Destination In USA - Disneyland California
Top 5 Most Instagrammed Travel Destination In USA – Disneyland California | Photo Credits: Owner

1. DisneyLand, California

     – Beating off your favorite US tourist destination with the most tags in Instagram. Is no other the theme park in California with more than 14,615,952 tags. Listed as one of the most popular and visited theme park in the world with more than 650 million guest since opened. Disneyland had already undergone several renovations and expansion to accommodate the growing number of their visitors.

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