10 Interesting Facts About Gorham Cave Complex Gibraltar UK

     Facts about Gorham Cave Complex – Heritage sites from all over the world are significantly meant to be protected. Preserve, respected and most probably it’s something to be added to in our travel list. Agree?

     On the other hand, heritage sites plays an important role in historical and archaeological value for local people in the country. Most sites possess natural beauty making it a popular landmark in a country and unfortunately some are not. But just like the popular and scenic heritage site in Machu Picchu Peru. Gorham Cave Complex in Gibraltar UK – a newly proclaimed UNESCO heritage site is yet to explored by humans.

10 Interesting Facts about Gorham Cave Complex Gibraltar UK
10 Interesting Facts about Gorham Cave Complex Gibraltar UK

What is the function of the UNESCO?

     United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) the agency behind the proclamations of the heritage site. Has the purpose of contributing peace and security by promoting collaboration from different countries through scientific, educational and cultural reforms.

     Thus the agency also pursue its main objectives like providing information and awareness in terms of natural sciences, culture, communication, education and social/ human sciences.

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     To continue here we have gathered facts about Gorham Cave Complex in Gibraltar Uk one of the new UNESCO heritage site of 2016. Hopefully you’ll find this extraordinary cave something to visit in your future travel adventure. Enjoy!

Facts about Gorham Cave Complex Gibraltar UK Includes:

1. The Gibraltar, Gorham Cave Complex was first discovered in 1907 by Captain A. Gorham during the 2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers.

2. The cave’s location is one of the most complex of four caves in Gibraltar territory.The three other caves are Hyaena Cave, Bennett’s Cave and Vanguard Cave.

3. Gorham is a natural sea cave in Gibraltar that has approximate 5km from the shore. But due unpredictable changes of sea level it is now few meters from the Mediterranean Sea.

4. It has estimated 18 meter deep through the sequence of archaeological artifacts. That has been there for more than 20,000 years ago.

5. The cave was said to be one of the last place occupied by Neanderthals in Europe.

6. According to Daily Mail UK post, the heritage site of Gibraltar is only living proof that Neanderthals were intelligent and creative with their rock art in walls of Gorham cave.

7. In 1950’s there were excavations in cave and they happened to found different animal bones and Mousterian stone tools. These equipment’s found in the cave are said to be made and used by Neanderthals even before 160,000 BP and 40,000 BP.

View From The Four Main Caves Constituting the Gorham’s Cave Complex From The Sea - Photo Credits From UNESCO
View From The Four Main Caves Constituting the Gorham’s Cave Complex From The Sea – Photo Credits UNESCO

 8. According to UNESCO, the most spectacular deposits are those in Gorham Cave (18-meters in depth) and Vanguard Cave (17-meters).

 9. The top level of the cave was also said to be used by Carthaginians and Phoenicians around 3rd to 9th centuries BC.

10. As of today the Gorham Cave Complex is one of few caves that gives detailed sequences in Southern Europe. Combining the evidence of sea-level, ecological and climate change through the period leading to Last Glacial Maximum. To get know more about these heritage site hop over to UNESCO official website – Gorham Cave Complex Gibraltar UK.

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