10 Interesting Socotra Island Facts You Need to Know

     Socotra Island Facts – In an isolated island where outside contacts are not available, no television, less in commercial establishment or less in technology in general. Only inhabited with few people like Socotra Island. You can probably expect a picturesque landscapes, stunning sceneries, untouched wilderness and etc. The Socotra Island is specifically located in a part of Indian’s Ocean archipelago around 250km from Somalia and 340km in Yemen.

     So in this article we will discuss and find out the reason behind the name of the island, estimated people in the area, amazing plants of the island and few more Socotra Island facts you probably don’t know. Without further ado. Let’s get into it!

Why is it called Socotra Island?

Socotra Island - Dragons Blood Tree
Photo Credits: National Geographic

     Basically the name “Socotra” was said to be originated from an old suppressed language named Sanskrit. The term used by historic passers and inhabitants of the island is “Eipheba Sakhotar” which means the island of bliss or the island of happiness. Foreign researchers and historians even pronounce the island’s name into four different sounds: Soqutri, Soqotra, Sou’ qatra and Asqo ‘ter. Now the possible reason why people call it “the island of happiness” is that it’s a magical remote island where the most endemic plants and animals are founded. Also it’s a one of a kind island where people use their ancient language to speak and an island where tourist will surely enjoy snorkeling, bird watching, hiking and picture perfect scenery. To continue we have gathered Socotra Island facts that will surely give you a glimpse of how the island looks like in reality.

Interesting Socotra Island Facts You Need to Know Includes:

Socotra Island Facts - Dragons Blood Tree
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1. Socotra Island is the most alien looking place on Earth. Some people who visited the island said it might be the original Garden of Eden from Bible.

2. Just like Victoria Falls the island of Socotra has been in the list of UNESCO World heritage site. For its fascinating biodiversity conservation, rich in Socotra plant species, snail species, reptile species and the very distinct flora and fauna.

3. Socotra Island is considered a paradise to bird as it has around 100+ different species. Most of them are ones found in the island including a sun bird, bunting birds, sparrow, Socotra warbler and etc.

4. According to the article posted in CNN – Socotra Unspoiled Island Sanctuary the estimated population of the island is around 44,000 as per Socotra Governance Biodiversity Project (SGBP) 2012 reports.

5. Two things that makes Socotra Island stand out above the rest of the island in this world. It’s the natural biodiversity of the area and the unofficial symbol of the island no other than the Dragon’s Blood Tree.

6. The “Dracaena Cinnabari” also known as Socotra’s Dragons Blood Tree. Is an endemic umbrella like shape or  a mushroom like shape that produces a red sap. This sap was believed to be used in ancient times as dye, toothpaste and medicine for many ailments. It has also been uses in painting, photoengraving as well as varnishing violins in the world.

Important Travel Facts: 7. The island of Socotra has almost no concrete roads.

10 Interesting Socotra Island Facts You Need To Know
10 Interesting Socotra Island Facts You Need To Know | Photo Credits: Owner

8. The Socotra Archipelago includes a group of islands: Socotra, Samha, Darsha, Abd Al Kuri. In four island listed above Socotra is the largest with estimated land area of 3625 m².

9. People living in the island also known as Socotrans are self-sufficient, friendly and optimistic people. Despite their difficult  living condition in Socotra.

10. Though the climate of the island is hot and dry, tourism in Socotra particularly in the main island of Yemen is still in the age of growing there economy. Average tourist who visited the island is nearly 3000 per year. So if you wish to visit the magnificent island of Socotra make sure to a little research, have enough budget and most importantly have itinerary of things to do in Socotra Island.

Interesting Socotra Island Facts You Need to Know - The Yolo Moments
Interesting Socotra Island Facts You Need to Know – The Yolo Moments | Photo Credits: Owner

Photo Credits: Flickr

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