10 Mauritania Eye of Africa Fast Facts

     Eye of Africa Fast Facts – Living in a planet where natural disaster, unwanted catastrophe and life are unpredictable.  Mysterious things and bizarre places that even science can’t hardly explain.

     We are still lucky that are things and places on our earth that are successfully studied by our great scientist, researchers and certain agency / organization like NASA, CNSA and etc. In relation to the travel facts listed above. We have gathered Eye of Africa fast facts for everyone’s information and reference. Hopefully you’ll find this article informative. Enjoy!

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Eye of Africa Fast Facts Includes:

The Great Eye of Sahara in Africa, Mauritania
The Great Eye of Sahara in Africa, Mauritania

1. The Eye of Africa in Mauritania is also called the Blue Eye of Sahara, Eye of Sahara, and  Guell al-Richat or Richat Structure.

2. The circular feature of the Eye of Africa is only visible on top view. Most likely very visible from space and cannot be distinguish once you’re already in the ground of Sahara desert.

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3. The vast Eye of Africa has estimated 30-50 kilometer wide.

4. The circular structure was said to emerge from impact of any huge object, natural erosion, or an eruption.

5. It has also been argued that the Eye of Africa was emerged from a huge geologic dome that collapsed in the desert of Sahara.

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Google Map - Oblique View of The Eye Africa in Sahara Desert
Photo Credits: Hudson Valley Geologist

6. The Eye of Sahara draws flack of attention from researchers and geologist around the globe for its resemblance of Atlantis by Plato.

7. Though there are a studies done in the  circular structure. Until today the Eye of Africa remains a mystery for everyone.

8. The bluish part of the Eye of Sahara is due to the huge concentration of magnetite of the Kediet ej Jill Mountain. Specifically located in the northwest part of the circle and considered as the highest peak in Mauritania with nearly 1000 meters high.

10 Mauritania Eye Of Africa Fast Facts
10 Mauritania Eye Of Africa Fast Facts | Photo Credits: Owner

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9. In the northern part of the Eye also scientist found a kimberlitic plug which is said to be believed a 90-100 million year old.

10.  As posted in NASA – Richat Structure, Mauritania the circular feature in Africa attracted attention in the earliest space mission before because of its prominent bull’s-eye feature in the great and wide Sahara desert.

Mauritania Eye of Africa Fast Facts - The Yolo Moments
Mauritania Eye of Africa Fast Facts – The Yolo Moments | Photo Credits: Owner

Photo Credits: Owner

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