10 Shocking Door To Hell Facts

     Door To Hell Facts – It’s been more than 40 years since a literal door to hell was discovered in Turkmenistan. The huge hole was incidentally created by a group of Soviet engineers when they thought that it could be a great source of oil in the world.

     But when they started drilling the place, they found out a poisonous gas instead of oil. The group of engineers just decided to light it on fire instead of allowing the poisonous gas travel to nearby villages. To know more about this place, here are door to hell facts you probably didn’t know.

Shocking Door To Hell Facts Includes:

Door To Hell Facts - George Kourounis

1.The Canadian explorer George Kourounis was the first person to set foot at the bottom of the Door To Hell crater. The expedition of George was filmed and partly funded by National Geographic. Aiming to collect soil samples and to study whether a life can exist in this place.

2. During the lighting of crater, the expected duration of the fire was only a few weeks.

3. In relation to no. 2, the Door To Hell crater has been burning for more than 40 years now without pausing.

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4.The Door To Hell in Turkmenistan is one of the most largest gas reserves in the world.

5. The gas crater of this popular tourist attraction has a 66 feet deep (20m) and a total area of estimated 5,350 m2 , the size of an American football field.

6. The Door To Hell in Turkmenistan is also known as “Gas Crater of Darvasa” , “Derweze Crater” , “Darvaza Crater” and “Gates of Hell.”

7. Last April of 2010, the president of Turkmenistan ordered that the fire must be quelled and the hole must be sealed. To stop removing gas and allow nearby drilling sites to have more amount of said natural resources.

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8. A 34-year-old visitor named Gozel Yazkulieva, said that the crater ” will “take your breath away.” He also added when you visit this place “You immediately think of your sins and feel like praying.”

9. The life of the tribal residents specifically at Derweze has been quiet and peaceful for more than a hundred years. But ever since the crater was created, tribes from nearby villages has been really affected by this digging of natural resources.

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10. Just like the Dead Sea and Devils Tower, this place has become of the most popular tourist attraction in the world. Making it more ideal for camping because the crater gives a stunning effect at night.

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