12 Surprising Dead Sea Facts Everyone Should Know

   Dead Sea Facts – This body of water has became one of the most famous tourist destination for some aspiring professional travelers in the world. Though its not only professional travelers, this place has became more popular for its very mysterious and strange environment allowing people to easily float and experience the healing capabilities of the sea.

     But to be more knowledgeable about this place check out our Dead Sea facts were sure you probably didn’t know. Hopefully you’ll find this one informative. Enjoy!

12 Surprising Dead Sea Facts Everyone Should Know Includes:

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1. Dead sea is not actually a sea. It’s a lake.

2. Dead sea is a salt water lake where unusual salt concentration is happening. If a person tries to dip into the lake, they will easily float due its natural buoyancy.

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3. This lake is the lowest elevation on land with a surface of 423 meter (1388 ft) below sea level. This lake is actually the deepest salt water lake on earth.

4. Since this lake is famous for its very unusual phenomena, people are still wanting to visit this place as they found it very useful in helping them with there various diseases.

5. Dead sea is used to be called “Stinky sea”.

6. You can never find a living plant or animal on this lake – that’s one of the reason why its called Dead sea.

12 Suprising Dead Sea Facts Everyone Should Know
Surprising Dead Sea Facts Everyone Should Know | Photo Credite: Owner

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7. Dead sea is said to be million years old . Also, Egyptians is said to be using dead sea water for there mummification process.

8. In relation to no. 7, the lake has became the lead source of potassium worldwide . Just imagine eating your favorites chips with a dead sea salt on it. That would be bitter for sure.

9. One of Cleopatra’s most favorite place is Dead Sea. She was said to be obsessed with its unique natural beauty and even use this lake as her spa to regenerate her skin and for health for purposes.

10. Dead Sea can be everyone’s source of free spa as it believed and already proven that the healing mud of the lake has something to do with rejuvenating skin and health treatment.

11. As of today, many companies are using dead sea salt as there secret ingredient to produce herbal and cosmetic products.

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12. Dead Sea scrolls were founded along the shore of Dead sea in year 1940’s and 1950’s. These scrolls are said to be copies of Book of Isaiah,Deuteronomy and Psalms. In addition, ancient scrolls are made of papyrus, skin of animal and copper and only using carbon-based ink as its tool for writing.

Surprising Dead Sea Facts Everyone Should Know - Travel Facts and Travel Guide
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