2019 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands in Visayas

     2019 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands – Travel enthusiast we’re already in the second half of the year! Which means it’s already less than 200 days to go before Christmas and we already have lesser time to explore the beautiful country of the Philippines before the year ends.

     But rather than being disappointed of not enjoying that much this year due to your hectic schedule at home, work, business and etc. It’s still never too late to enjoy, go sight-seeing and visit any of these beautiful and less crowded beaches in Visayas.

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     You can either plan a weekend vacation after a stressful week at office. Book a flight for upcoming long weekends next year. Or probably you can either spend a family vacation this remaining weeks of the year. To help you guided we have gathered information about these places. So you will have an idea where you can spend your 2019 vacation. Enjoy!

2019 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands in Visayas Includes:

2017 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands in Visayas - Malalison Island, Antique
 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands  – Malalison Island, Antique | Photo Credits to Owner

1. Antique, Malalison Island

     – Also known in local as Mararison, this beautiful and picturesque 55 hectare hook-shape island. Is perfect for people looking for secluded island where they can just relax and unwind away from the busy city life. With its crystal clear water, white nearly powdery sand, breathtaking view like Batanes at top of Mararison. You will surely be astonished of how beautiful the island is. To get to Malilison, a 15-25 minute (estimated 3-4 kilometers) ride of motorized pumped-boat is expected from the town proper.

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2017 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands in Visayas - Virgin Island, Bohol
Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands in Visayas – Virgin Island, Bohol | Photo Credits to Nanie Dinsay

 2. Bohol, Virgin Island

     – If you’re already imagining a family vacation with turquoise waters, fine white sand, and blue skies. Then you don’t need to travel far and struggle with complicated routes because the province of Bohol has something to offer for you the ” Virgin Island in Panglao.”

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2017 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands in Visayas - Ilo-Ilo, Antonia Beach.jpg
Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands  – Ilo-Ilo, Antonia Beach | Photo Credits to Ilo-Ilo.gov.ph

 3. Ilo-Ilo, Antonia Beach

     – Let’s face it, most people are still unaware that Ilo-Ilo is blessed with a lot beautiful places to visit. That’s why only few people have an idea that secluded beach in Antonia exist in the Philippines. For people who have already been to Islas de Gigantes Sur Carles where the beach is located. They are rewarded with private white sand beach and pristine crystal clear water perfect for swimming.

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2017 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands - Paliton Beach, Siquijor
Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands – Paliton Beach, Siquijor | Photo Credits to Joey Dala

 4. Siquijor, Paliton Beach

     – Forget about the hearsay spreading like a wildfire in the internet and just travel Siquijor at your own pace. You will surely be at awe with a lot of places to visit and secluded white sand beaches in the province just like Paliton. Situated in the northeastern part of San Juan Siquijor, the white sand beach can be reached via public vehicle from the national highway.

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2017 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands in Visayas - Cresta De Gallo Sibuyan Island, Romblon
Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands  – Cresta De Gallo Sibuyan Island, Romblon | Photo Credits to @pstrjasper

5. Romblon, Cresta de Gallo Island

     – Geographically speaking, Cresta de Gallo Island is invisible in the map. In fact it’s still one of few unspoiled island in the Philippines that possess beautiful white sand beach, pristine water and breathtaking view. The island is perfect for groups, family outing and even for solo traveler who are longing to find a private place to unwind. To get to Cresta de Gallo, you can just rent a boat to sail to the island from any town of Sibuyan or San Fernando.

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2017 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands in Visayas - Canigao Island, Leyte
Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands  – Canigao Island, Leyte | Photo Credits to @irenejoytotheworld

 6. Leyte, Canigao Island

     – Situated in the municipality of Matalom, Leyte. The picturesque islet is one of favorite inexpensive yet beautiful vacation get-away among tourist from the province. Within the island it allows local and foreign visitors to experience great snorkel, swim, dive and just relax in the white sand shore. To get to the island, just simply look for bangka operator in Matalom and pay for 50-100 pesos each.

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2017 Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands in Visayas - Sumilon Island, Cebu
Must Visit Less Crowded Beaches and Islands – Sumilon Island, Cebu | Photo Credits to Miguel Gee Abas Jr.

 7. Cebu, Sumilon island

     – Named as one of few untouched beaches in Cebu by Rappler way back in 2013. Sumilon is still a perfect destination for beach bumming and glamourus camping with friends and family. To get to the island, Oslob is only an hour from Dumaguete City by either a tricycle or ferry. From Cebu city its 2-3 hours ride by bus and 15-30 minutes boat transfer from Barangay Bancogon to the Sumilon Island.

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     Honestly speaking, Visayas or the Philippines in general has still a lot to offer in terms of unspoiled and less crowded beaches. Only if we learn to explore each and other provinces with go beyond the the popular and obvious mindset. Knowing that our country has more than beautiful 7,000 island, we are one-hundred-one percent sure that sooner or later. There will be more beautiful island to be discovered and visited by local and foreign tourist.

Photo Credits: Owner

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    What do you think of our must visit less crowded beaches and islands?  Share us your story by commenting down below!

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  3. What an awesome list! I don’t think there is anything more aggravating in the summer than an incredibly crowded beach.

  4. What beautiful beaches. I love going to the beach but I really do hate it when we get there and there isn’t even room to sit down to relax. These would definitely solve that problem. Thank you for sharing some great places to visit.

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