3 Must Know Home Safety Tips

    This post will guide and give you home safety tips so you will be more knowledgeable and skillful if accidents occur. Enjoy!

    Accidents are unpredictable. Accidents happen everywhere.  And even the safest place in the world could probably have it including in our own “House.”   But If you really want to prevent any of these accidents, always think of safety because at the end of the day we will only value the things/person once we lost it. Hopefully you’ll find these home safety tips hopeful.

Must Know Home Safety Tips Includes:

Tip #1 –  Avoid Falls

    – Falls always happen at home. In our stairways, slippery bathrooms, wet floors and etc. If you never encountered this incident yet, you’ll never wait until something happens to you or even your family/friends don’t you? In just making small changes in your house it could guarantee the entire family safety. Like if you have stairways, always keep them free from any objects at all time. And as much as possible keep your stairs, floors and even carpets in good condition.

Tip #2 –  Avoid Poisoning

   – Food poisoning in the Philippines these days are increasing and most victims are students. If you just  watch news  about the students who  got food poisoned, all of them bought food without knowing that these are expired and contaminated. But on the other hand, mostly kids are victims in this poisoning. Here are just some of important things to do to prevent the kids ingesting any harmful substance.

– Store ALL medicines out of sight or unreachable by kids. Including toothpaste, perfumes, mouthwash and etc could  be harmful to them if ingested.  And put them all  in high cabinets where they can’t surely climb.

– Never give or let them play with toxic toys. Also make sure this toys are not small enough so that they can’t swallow it.

Make sure they can’t go to bathroom, kitchen or in garage without any family member supervision. Because they might take shampoos, soap, paints, dye’s, fertilizers, pesticides and etc  that would really cause panic in the entire family.

Cook foods properly.  Here’s  more ways to prevent food poisoning !

Tip #3 –  Avoid Fires

   – Fire for me is the dangerous above all. Though all home accidents are dangerous, fire can take away not just our house including our neighbors house, our lives and probably others life as well. But these are also preventable by following and having this:

–   Never let kids play with matches.

–   Never let them near or play with electrical wires.

–  Avoid extension chord overload.

–  Always check your home electrical system.

– Always check appliances  if it’s still in good condition.

–   Always keeping your regulators closed when not in used.

–   Always clean and your stoves to check if there is a leak.

–   By avoiding smoking near bed or throwing cigarettes butt-heads anywhere in the house.

Those are just few things to do to avoid fires at home.  If you want more fire safety tips refer here:  7 Ways to Prevent a House Fire.

   Remember safety is always in our hands. An orderly and clean house could determine  a good health and safety of person. And also we must never forget that  we must put effort in taking care of or own house like the way we take care our ourselves. God Bless!

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What do you think of our must know home safety tips? Make sure to put your comments below!

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21 thoughts on “3 Must Know Home Safety Tips

  1. Thank you for very helpful tips! Its always nice to know safety at your home and able to response when accidents happen.

  2. Great tips. I think of the three, poisoning is the hardest to really prepare for, no?

  3. Good tips, Mark. By the way, your topmost picture (with the house) caught my attention. Mind if I ask what font you used on the title? I see a potential use on that font for an ebook cover.

  4. Great tips, Mark! This is such a great reminder on how we respond on when accidents and to prevent it from happening. Thanks!

  5. For food poisoning is really scary and I think for the time being I advice people not to eat food they are not familiar with. I do not want my nephews and nieces buying stuff from strangers. They have to stick on their baon muna.

  6. Playground flooring that’s soft will also prevent injuries for kids who still can’t walk with a proper balance. Bigger toys are not safe enough since children can still put their tongue onto it and they may ingest harmful bacteria or dirt. It’s best to always keep watching their actions.

  7. I fell down once but in the backyard because of a huge stone. Good thing I didn’t experience fractured bones. That’s true, the food poisoning in our country is alarming. Thanks for this tips, I hope a lot of people would read this…

  8. It’s really great to invest in safety by segregating items to avoid poisoning and fires. It’s also important to ensure that there are no slippery area.

  9. Galing. You just shared what we really need to know about safety at home. Food safety and fire hazards must be on top priority for safety at home.

  10. I am more afraid of fire. Before I go out of our home I double check the gas tank if I shut it off, power outlets, and unplug appliances when not in use.

  11. These are very timely and practical tip to be safe at home. It is interesting to know that a lot of accidents can happen in the very place where we should feel the safest.

  12. im always about home safety! i was the one suggested to buy a fire extinguisher sa bahay namin. Most homes in the philippines have no fire extinguishers or any fire safety at all so its kind of a concern. Kung mgbibigat sana ng program na maayos ung government naten but sighhh


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