4 Captivating Grand Canyon Photos You Don’t Want To Miss

     USA, Arizona – Its definitely impossible to resist the incomparable natural beauty even if we are just looking at the captivating Grand Canyon photos. But if you’ve already been into the northwestern part of the Arizona where the great Grand Canyon is located. You probably had witness with the one of the most visually pleasing view in the planet.

     Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River. With colorful rock layers recorded billions years ago. The Grand Canyon is the most popular  in the world yet its not the deepest, the longest and not even the wildest canyon in the world.  It’s estimated depth is around 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) , ranges from 731 meters (2,400 feet) and wends around 446km ( 277 miles) along its curved and complex path.

    According to the discoveries posted in Live Science – Grand Canyon,  the Guinness longest grand canyon in the world can be found in Himalayas named Yarlung Tsangpo.  While for the deepest grand canyon in the world is the Cotahuasi Canyon located in Peru. With estimated depth of 3354 meters twice the depth of Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

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     To continue we have gathered captivating Grand Canyon photos. Just like what we did with the breathtaking Maldives and incredible Bora-Bora in French Polynesian group of island.  Hopefully you’ll find this article useful at the same time you’ll find our these photos inspiring to visit  the great Grand Canyon by yourself. Enjoy!

Captivating Grand Canyon Photos You Don’t Want To Miss Includes:

Arizona, USA -Grand Canyon National Park
Arizona, USA – Grand Canyon National Park
Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River - Grand Canyon USA
Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River 
4 Captivating Grand Canyon Photos You Don't Want To Miss
Peter Crook Flick – Grand Canyon After Storm
Grand Canyon National Park View at Night
Grand Canyon National Park View at Night

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