4 Easy Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips

   Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips – Having a dirty and dusty laptop is something to be ashamed for most people with this device. Agree? Simply because its becoming a common cleaning task yet as a laptop owner we still don’t have time to at least clean our gadgets even just once a week. But by simply following our easy laptop screen cleaning tips we might help you clean and maintain your precious device. Let’s get into it!

Easy Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips Includes:

1. Read the User Manual

     – Reading the user manual in general is really important especially if were talking about the maintenance and cleaning to our appliances and gadgets. So before you start cleaning your laptop LCD. Make sure to read the user manual. Because your device might be one of the models that needs extra consideration in cleaning. Also by reading the manual there are tips and information that needs to be observed to avoid any laptop’s harming.

2. Shutdown and Disconnect Your Device to Power Source

     – In cleaning our laptop’s LCD it is very essential to turn off and disconnect our device to power source. Why? Because we don’t want to result to any permanent damage  and we also want to eliminate risk of electrical damage. (Better make it safe. Right?) If possible, remove the battery too.

3. Use a Microfiber Cloth

Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips - Microfiber Cloth
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     – In cleaning to anything LCD use a microfiber cloth. This piece of miracle cloth are good in removing dust, dirt and those fingerprint in your laptop. You just have gently wipe the screen and as much as possible use only 1 stroke for better result. If dirt still can’t remove put small amount of water into the cloth and wipe again the screen. Never directly wet the screen.

Note: For people who will  be using chemicals in cleaning there laptop make sure to avoid any of these: Alcohol, acetone, toluene, ethyl acid, methyl chloride or any strong solvents.

4. Make Sure to Completely Dry the Screen Before Closing

     – After wiping the screen with water or LCD cleaner. Let your device to completely dry before closing it to avoid any malfunction or damage. You can also use a new set of cloths to wipe again the screen after you air-dry the laptop. After that your device will be good as new!

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15 thoughts on “4 Easy Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips

  1. I clean my laptop regularly, because I’m clean freak, lol. Thanks for all the tips, I bought a microfiber cloth just for cleaning my screen as well, it’s really effective and it’s nice too.

  2. I use microfiber cloth when it comes to cleaning my laptop. I agree on reading the manuals just to be extra safe. Thanks for helpful tips.:)

  3. It would really be important to keep the laptop screen clear to prolong their life. This is a nice habit to keep the lcd safe.

  4. thanx for this tips…I just sometimes hate when got a new gadget and cleaning directions are not included in the users manual

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