5 Alluring Chestnut Ridge Park Eternal Flame Falls Facts

     Eternal Flame Falls Facts – Our planet has been filled with a lot of unusual and mysterious places. Just like the strange yet famous Eternal Flame falls in Chestnut Ridge Park, New York.

     With so many years the park where the falls is located has been one of the most remarkable family destination in N.Y. Made even more popular with its wide area of playing fields, cycling and hiking trails, picnic facilities including outdoor grills, public art and etc.

5 Alluring Chestnut Ridge Park Eternal Flame Falls Facts
5 Alluring Chestnut Ridge Park Eternal Flame Falls Facts

     Other thing that makes the park  even more interesting is the strange waterfalls. To know more about this unusual falls we have gathered alluring Eternal Flame Falls facts for everyone’s information and reference. Hopefully you will find this article useful just like our other popular travel facts. Enjoy!

Chesnut Ridge Park Eternal Flame Falls Facts Includes:

1. Eternal Flame Falls is a small waterfall in Shale Creek Preserve, a small section in  Chestnut Ridge Park. The possible reason of its name is the burning flame location right behind the cascading small water stream of the falls. The waterfalls is also highly dependent on melt water and on rainfall. When there’s a heavy rain the falls reaches about 30 ft cascading over the sloping shale of two segments. And when the waterfalls flow is high, the water that cascades over the flame  diffuses the light looking like lampshade at night.

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2. The source of fire  in the flames falls is a natural gas (propane and ethane) seeping through at the bottom part of the waterfalls grotto. The fire behind the falls lights off and re-lit unlike the never pausing  fire of the massive Door to Hell in Turkmenistan.

3. According to the 2013 studies of geologist from Indiana University Bloomington and INGV of Italy.   They have found Rhinestreet Shale located below the grotto nearly 400 meters (1,300 feet). Despite the depth of the shale, scientist believed that tectonic activity. Such as earthquake, volcanoes, mountain building in general cracked the ground. And that activity probably opened a tiny passage of the Rhinestreet shale causing the fire rise up to the falls.

Gas Needed To Burn To Measure Flames Size - Photo Credits Daily Mail UK
Gas Needed To Burn To Measure Flames Size – Photo Credits Daily Mail UK

4. According to the article posted in DailyMail Uk. The eternal flame in New York is rare in a sense that the only way the fire keeps alight is by gas ‘macro seeps’. Researchers who also studied the falls discovered that New York gas seep features the prominent concentration of propane and ethane seep in the world.  Though there are also sources saying that beneath the chamber where the fire is located. Has a numerous of natural seeps contributing to the greenhouse gases of the area.

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5.  New York’s isn’t the only one who have natural eternal flames in the world. There is a flaming gas seeps in Mount Chimaera Turkey , Jharia Coalfield India, Burning Mountain in Australia, Water And Fire Cave Taiwan and so many more.

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