5 Amazing Enchanted River Facts

     Enchanted River Facts  – a river in Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur is one of the most popular and visited tourist destination in the Philippines. Known for its unique enchanting beauty and crystal clear water. Local and foreign tourist will surely enjoy this one  stunning place.

     Being known as popular tourist destination in Mindanao even if the river is said to be filled with mysteries and supernatural events. Many are still wanting to visit and  experience the mystery of Enchanted River. But to make things more clearer here are our list of 5 amazing enchanted river facts.

Enchanting River Facts - Surigao Philippines
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Amazing Enchanted River Facts Includes:

1. Upon the discovery of this flawless River of  Barangay Cambatong, Surigao Del Sur. No one still know where exactly the water came from. There are people saying it could be a underground cave system that discharge the clean water of the river. There are also sources saying it could be a water from a spring or in a sea. Until today it remains a mystery.

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2. River are categorized as freshwater bodies. Thus Enchanted River is different. It’s water is quite salty. However there are also sources saying the river flows to the Pacific Ocean. And that probably explains that salty taste of the river.

3. Another thing that makes the river more amazing and mysterious is its depth. Considering that Enchanted River is small yet its depth  is unknown. You can really agree that its mysterious on its own. Though there are several expedition of divers trying to measure the depth of the river. Still all professionals failed to reached the bottom of the river due to strong current and blocked passages.

4. The bluish crystal clear water of the river  is due to its depth. If you have seen the photos of the river in social media you may be thinking that they have been photoshopped. In addition the bluish tint color become more dominant during high tide and greenish color during low tide.

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5. A ritual of fish feeding is happening exactly 12:00 noon in Enchanted River. Once the caretaker rings the bell everyone is advised to get out from the water. And from this moment, “Hinatuan Hymn” is being played as signal for trained fishes to come out.

5 Amazing Enchanted River Facts

Photo Credits: Owner

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