5 Belize Great Blue Hole Facts That’ll Probably Shock You

     Belize Great Blue Hole Facts – In a beautiful nation of Belize are tons of things to do and a lot of breathtaking places to visit. From its preserve archaeological sites, highly conserve wild life, white pristine beaches, romantic luxurious resorts, delectable authentic native cuisines, numerous water activities and so much more.

     Considering that the Belize Barrier Reef – the second largest reef barrier in the world is found in the country. You should really expect a great experience once you dive into the waters of the reef. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) inscribe the reef as one of the world’s heritage site for its outstanding marine natural system. The Blue Hole Natural Monument itself contributes a lot to the natural ecosystem of the reef barriers in Belize. Also the vast hole has been able to provide useful information into the geological history of Atolls in Belize. To know more about this Natural Monument, we have gathered few more Belize Great Blue Hole facts for everyone’s information and enlightenment.

Belize Great Blue Hole Facts Includes:

5 Belize Great Blue Hole Facts That'll Proabably Shock You

1. The Great Blue Hole in Belize is a giant submarine sinkhole that has estimated 305 meters wide and estimated 400 feet deep. The massive hole is part of Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. With over 500 rare forms of plants and marine life. Also there are theories of how the Natural Monument started that it was just a sinkhole around 150,000 years ago. Then the process started when the ocean level gets higher and higher allowing the blue hole gets deeper and deeper.

2. Since the famous dive of Jacques Cousteau in 1960’s, several scuba divers are trying to get more information on what’s really inside the vast hole. Though in Cousteau’s expedition he found out dripstone sheets, giant stalactites, and columns in the southern rim of the hole.

Belize Great Blue Hole - Ocean Levels Fluctuated Over History
Belize Great Blue Hole – Ocean Levels Fluctuated Over History

3. Inside the Blue Hole Natural Monument, circulation of oxygen doesn’t really happen. That’s why at the deepest part of the hole are less marine creatures . Even though bacteria and microorganisms are still present.

4. More than half of tourist in Belize considers scuba diving in the reef as top of things to do. In the Blue Hole’s case the best spot for snorkeling and diving are within 40 feet. Below that maximum depth are for experienced divers only.

5. The blue hole in Belize isn’t the only one in the world. In fact there are a lot in other counties such as Australia, Egypt, Guam, Bahamas and etc. However when in terms of size and depth, Belize Great Blue Hole has always been number one in the list.

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