5 Facts About Ishigaki Okinawa Japan You Need To Know

     Facts About Ishigaki Okinawa Japan – In an top world travel destination where skyscraper, shopping centers, imperial palaces, temples, shrines and culture is known. The sovereign country of Japan located in the eastern coast of Asian mainland has been flocked with local and foreign tourist every year. With estimated 2.4 million last year 2017, about 26.8% increase from the previous year 2016 as of JNTO statistics.

     Topping list of best and must travel place of various travel and news website like TripAdvisor, CnTraveler, Travel+Leisure and so much more. With no doubt Japan and its cherry blossom should be at top of your bucket list. But did you know that aside from their mouthwatering food, picturesque and vibrant cities and landmarks. There’s a scenic “destination on the rise” in the nation you probably haven’t heard off. Continue reading below as we’re about to list down facts about Ishigaki Okinawa Japan. Enjoy!!

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Facts About Ishigaki Okinawa Japan You Need To Know Includes:

5 Facts About Ishigaki Okinawa Japan You Need To Know - The Yolo Moments

1. Situated in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture, the little known surging tourist destination island is specifically about 300km off north eastern cost of Taiwan. With only around 48,000 total population as per Wikipedia source.

2. Also known as Ishigakijima, the white stunning island is the second largest of Yaeyama Isand Group.

3. Ishigaki has just topped TripAdvisor’s annual list of “Top Trending Travel Spots of 2018.” Beating off the remarkable city of Riga in Latvia, San Jose in Costa Rica, Nerja in Spain, Casablanca in Morocca, Rovinj in Croation and more.

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4. The island of Ishigaki offers several marvelous both rocky and sandy beach for their visitors. As well as island hopping, sumptuous local dishes, nightlife and diving/snorkeling area surrounding the island. Best time to visit the island is in April to November when the weather is sunny and consistently hits 25 degrees up.

5. Before the island blow up as top attractions in Japan, did you know that in 1770’s a tsunami “1771 Great Yaeyama” they called it hit Ishigaki badly with recorded casualties of more than 8,400 person. The tsunami was caused by Yaeyama Great Earthquake on April 24, 1771.

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Tokashiki Island, Ishigaki Okinawa Japan - The Yolo Moments
Tokashiki Island, Ishigaki Okinawa Japan – The Yolo Moments | Photo Credits: Prolppei & Janine Naoi Flickr

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