5 Fast Facts About Big-O Ferris Wheel Tokyo Japan

     Facts About Big-O Ferris Wheel – Theme parks has always been popular for kids, teens and even adults who are still kids at heart. From classic bumper cars and boats, nerve-wracking roller coaster, exhilarating carousel and caterpillar, fun slides, pirate ship and more. Those are few exciting amusement rides you can choose to ride when you go to a theme park.

     But there’s always be a stand out among others, where talking about the astounding and magnificent Ferris wheel. In which even if you’re just looking to it in a distance you’ll surely make you hop on a ride and see the beautiful city view in the evening. If you want to get to know about one of the world’s largest centerless Ferris wheel by Guinness World Records. We have gathered facts about Big-O Ferris Wheel that you’ll surely love. Enjoy!!

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Fast Facts About Big-O Ferris Wheel Tokyo Japan Includes:

5 Fast Facts About Big-O Ferris Wheel Tokyo Japan

1. Officially opened in 2006 as per Observation Wheel Directory official website, the massive amusement ride can be found in Tokyo Dome City Attractions. Located next to Tokyo Dome in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan where the first Japanese venue of American football with over 50,000 attendees happen.

2. Big-O Ferris Wheel in Japan is listed as one of the world’s largest centerless Ferris wheel with estimated diameter of 60 meters (200 ft.) Ride duration of the Ferris wheel is about 15-25 minutes in which each gondolas can only accommodate up to three to four people at a time.

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3. Earlier this month, several news and travel websites like Travel Pulse and Fox News reported that in collaboration of Joysound – a Tokyo-based company. Karaoke machines have been added to eight out of 40 Big-0’s gondolas. Which means if you’re a karaoke fan, you can now sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs while in this epic ride.

4. Big-O is the first karaoke-themed Ferris wheel in the world. Also the popular amusement ride is named by popular travel magazine – Travel + Leisure as one of the most exciting and coolest Ferris wheel in the planet.

5. For only 820 yen  or $7.30 U.S per person, you and your friends will able to witness the fantastic  180 degree view of the city while singing your hears out inside the gondolas of Big-O Ferris wheel.

Ferris Wheel Facts - Big O Ferris Wheel Tokyo Japan
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