5 Fun Facts About Ipoh Malaysia You Probably Didn’t Know

   Facts About Ipoh Malaysia – From the greatest modern capital tourist magnet cities of New York and Paris up to the rising towns of Asian countries in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Sometimes there’s nothing like a great city escape after a long countryside vacation. Endless shopping choices, one of a kind building, architectures and infrastructures, mouthwatering food and delicacies, rich cultural history and knowing friendly people and much more.

   We suggest you take time to read below and evaluate if the city capital of Malaysian state of Perak is something that brings outs the city person in you. Get to know more about this town as we’ve gathered facts about Ipoh Malaysia. Let’s get into it!

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Facts About Ipoh Malaysia You Probably Didn’t Know Includes:

5 Fun Facts About Ipoh Malaysia You Probably Didn’t Know - The Yolo Moments

1. Situated about 180 km north of country’s capital – Kuala Lumpur and about 123 km southeast of George Town in neighboring state of Penang. The city of Ipoh is the third largest number of population in Malaysia with around 650, 00 people as of 2010 as per Wikipedia resources.

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2. The city of Ipoh was originally just a simple village before until it began to grow after it was discovered in 1880’s that the city and its vicinity has huge tin deposits. But not in 1970’s that the city suffered decline and neglect of tins.

3. In 1962 Ipoh was declared a municipality and in year 1988 it finally gained a city status and considered as the second largest town within the FMS or Federated Malay States.

4. As the years go by Ipoh has slowly became a food and travel  destination.  Known for its natural attractions, Buddhist temples, caves, limestone hills, sumptuous food and etc. Also reports from South China Morning Post – Ipoh is becoming fast culinary rival to Penang and Kuala Lumpur with its signature dish of bean sprouts chicken and tasty street foods.

5. Tagged as hipster capital of the country by various travel tourism websites and agencies, Ipoh received recognition and caught the American newspaper based in New York City – New York Times’ eye. Detailing why you the city should be on your next travel destination. Ipoh had also win an Instagram travel contest.

Sam Poh Tong Temple - Ipoh Malaysia
Sam Poh Tong Temple – Ipoh Malaysia  |  Photo Credits: Leon Kwong Wing Flickr

For more information about the charming city with rich history, you can just refer here: Wikipedia

Featured Image Photo Credits: Lonely Planet Website

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