5 Impressive Victoria Falls Devils Pool Facts

     Are you looking for Victoria Falls Devils Pool facts for your future exploration purposes? Are you considering this extreme place for your squad’s next travel destination? Or are you just interested to know why is it called the Devils Pool? In this article we give you the reason behind its name, its safety for tourist and few more facts. So if someone ask you with this place. You will surely have to say something with this incredible pool. Without further ado. Let’s get into it!

Why is it Called the Devils Pool?

     Unlike the famous Devils Tower Natural Monument in Wyoming. The reason behind its name is the mysteries and legends surrounding the tower. In Devils Pool case its completely different.  So basically people call it devils pool because of the risky and daredevil location right at the top of the great Victoria Falls. Yes! You read it right. At the very top of Victoria falls in Zambia. Now the question is. Do you have the courage to swim in this place?

Devils Pool in Victoria Falls
Photo Credits: LA Times

When is the Best Time to Visit Devils Pool? Is it safe here?

     Devils pool is safe. We just have to follow the do’s and don’ts advised by the trained local tourist guide. But the perfect time to visit the Devils Pool in Zambia is in the drier months of the year. Around the months of August to January when the water is curtain split and at minimal current. To continue we have gathered few more Victoria Falls Devils Pool Facts hopefully you’ll find this useful.

Impressive Victoria Falls Devils Pool Facts Includes:

1. Just like the Greece, Giola Lagoon Natural Pool the Devils Pool was also naturally formed at the top near edge of the falls. When the current of the water is at maximum state. Anyone who dares to swim  in the pool will be surely swept away. But once the water is at normal current a natural rock-wall would be visible at top view. And that would be the swimmers safety assurance to be not carried away by the water.

2. The Victoria Falls where the pool is located has the width of 1708m and length of around 108m. The falls discharge more than 250 million liters of water every minute. Causing the deafening sound and the misty view of the falls which can also be seen in 15-20 km away.

3. The Victoria Falls known as The Smoke that Thunders is on the list of seven natural wonders of the world together with the majestic Mt. Everest in Nepal, Grand Canyon in  Arizona  and etc. The falls was also declared a UNESCO world heritage site way back in 1989. Because of its breathtaking view from  any angle, one of a kind geological features and one of the greatest falling water on earth.

The Great Victoria Falls - Devils Pool Facts
Victoria Falls Devils Pool Facts | Photo Credits: Owner

4. So even though the some of the area is safe. A number of slipping incidents happened near the pool is reported making it more dangerous considering its a very risky place to visit. In relation to this, a report of Zimbabwean tourist guide dies in the falls trying to rescue a slipped tourist. As per updated report the finding confirmed that the incident didn’t happen in the Devils Pool but just near Victoria falls area.

5 Impressive Victoria Falls Devils Pool Facts
5 Impressive Victoria Falls Devils Pool Facts | National Geographic

5. If you wish to witness the stunning view of the falls by yourself. The towns of Zimbabwe and Zambia are both accessible by air and road. Once your in the town you can easily find local tourist guide who will take the falls. You can also avail online package agency that offers boat trip to  Livingstone, devils pool experience and other panoramic views within the area.

Impressive Victoria Falls Devils Pool Facts - The Yolo Moments
Impressive Victoria Falls Devils Pool Facts – The Yolo Moments | Photo Credits: http://www.spiritedpursuit.com/blog/

Featured Photo Credits: National Geographic

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