5 Informative Facts About UNESCO Heritage Site Ani Turkey

     Facts About UNESCO Heritage Site Ani Turkey – The past months, reports from Telegraph UK that Turkey has been experiencing violence. And  now fortunately slowly recovering from terrorist threats and attacks. Results for these news, people who are already planning to visit the country. Are having second thoughts if their safety would be sacrifice. One representative said in an event, “the security environment within the country is potentially volatile as Turkey is top target for all terrorist group in the religion.”

     But even with these situation there are still few people willing to take risk just to witness how beautiful the  country of Turkey is. From its superb coastline and beaches, picture perfect historical site and ruins, unique museums and castles. Those are just few reasons on why you should put this country first on your travel list.

UNESCO World Heritage 2016 - Archaeological Site of Ani Turkey

     To continue  you may be interested visiting Ani – a medieval American city situated in the province of Kars near the border of Armenia. To know more about this place we have gathered informative travel facts about UNESCO Heritage Site Ani Turkey. Enjoy!

5 Informative Facts About UNESCO Heritage Site Ani Turkey Includes:

1.   Ani Turkey is specifically located in the north eastern border of the country, across the Akhurian River from Armenia. It is best known as the city of a thousand and one churches or forty doors. As it was once became a great metropolis of the country.

2. According to United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the medieval city of Ani combines residential, military and religious structure built for more than a century by Christian and then by the Muslim Dynasties.

3.  The city of Ani has became the capital in the medieval Armenian Kingdom of the Bagraties during the 10th and 11th centuries in Turkey. Later that time the Byzantine, Seljuk and Georgian supremacy, maintained its status as one of profited places for merchant caravans.

5 Informative Facts About UNESCO Heritage Site Ani Turkey
5 Informative Facts About UNESCO Heritage Site Ani Turkey

4.  Ani was already a heritage site candidate in 2012 but it was just 2016 when UNESCO fully recognized the city. According to Turkish politician and journalist Ömer Çelik, “We have always felt proud with the amazing, big and historical heritage of Ani. We want to do what is appropriate to us: to endow that heritage to the mankind and leave it to the future generations. Turkey is now making steps towards becoming a leading country. 

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5. During its prime, the city of Ani has more than 100,000 people living inside the walls for protection. Its advancement and success as a city can now only be witness by its remaining ruins built thousands of years from now. More beautiful photos from this heritage site can be found of UNESCO official Website.

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