5 Interesting Facts About Belitung Island Indonesia

     Facts About Belitung Island Indonesia  – A month ago after the global travel metasearch engine – Skyscanner. Unveiled its list of popular and most search travel destination of 2016 according to Indonesian travelers.  The said places is already expected to receive a flock of not just Indonesian tourist. But also from other neighboring countries in Southeast Asia this year of the fire rooster 2017. Topping of the list is Seoul in Korea followed by Belitung (Tanjung Pandan), Solo/Sukarata, Tokyo, Bandung, Penang, Osaka, London, Male and Batam. 

     In a said statement of Yulianto Balawan, Skyscanner’s senior marketing manager for Indonesia in DigitalNewsAsia official website. He stated “Increasingly, Indonesian travellers are becoming savvier. They want to have the independence to plan their own trips, and they are always looking for the best promo fares and cheapest prices.” He also confirmed that Belitung and Solo were fastest  growing tourist destinations in Indonesia with 90% increase in travel searches and Solo with 79% increase respectively. 

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Facts About Belitung Island - Photo Credits: Tropicalife Official Website
Facts About Belitung Island – Photo Credits: Tropicalife Official Website

   `   Now that more and more people are getting interested about what beauty to expect in Belitung if they visit the stunning island. We think its already about time to get to know more about this rising tourist destination of Indonesia. To completely get to know more, we have gathered facts about Belitung Island Indonesia. Hopefully you’ll find this one informative! Enjoy!!

Interesting Facts About Belitung Island Indonesia Includes:

5 Interesting Facts About Belitung Island Indonesia

1. The pristine island of Belitung is situated in  the eastern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia with estimated land area of 4,800.6 km2  or 1,853.5 sq mi. Divided into two districts  which is East Belitung with Manggar as the capital and  Billiton with Tanjung Pandan as the capital.

2. The word “Belitung” is said to be taken from the local language of the island which  means “sea slug.”

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3. Belitung island is known for  its tin and pepper aside from the crystal waters and white sand beach.

4. In 2014 Wikipedia population census, the island has more than 250,00. Mainly Malay ethnics, Bugis, Sundanese, Javanese and Madurese people formerly working on a Dutch mining tin.  The dialect used in the island is Chinese Hokkien, Hakka and native Belitung language.

Indonesia Belitung Island Facts You Need To Know - Photo Credits Owner
Indonesia Belitung Island Facts You Need To Know – Photo Credits @inkkyarista

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5. The source of livelihood who lived in the coastal area of Belitung island it the rich marine products as well as tin mining who happens to be there ever since the time of the Dutch East Indies.

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