5 Reasons To Install Author Box Plugin

     Are you planning to  install author box plugin at the end of your blog post? Are you still looking for an author box plugin that will suite the theme of your website ? Or are you still hesitant to add one? At this moment we will define what this plugin all about and what does it contribute to our website. Without further ado. Lets get into it!

What is an Author Box?

   – Basically an “Author Box” is a box where you can easily install if your using a WordPress blogging platform. Just head to the plugins tab and look for the best author box plugin that will suite the theme of your website. To continue, author box are usually located at the bottom part of most website’s post and author box  allows the admin/writer of a website to add his/her autobiographical information, gravatar picture, social media link, website link and etc.

     So if your planning to install author box plugin, it will allow your future contributor/client  to expose himself by simply dropping his social media links and the brand that he represents. To make things more specific we have gathered few  more reasons for your to install author box plugin.

Reasons To Install Author Box Plugin Includes:

1. We guess you are aware of it and were 99% sure that you’ve seen it a couple of hundred times in most of your favorite website. You may not giving a damn importance to it and you may not took the author seriously. But in reality, having an author box will boost your website’s credibility and statistics.

2.  Most of your readers don’t just read and absorb your article. They also want to know the person behind the website  and in  that case it would be easier for them to build trust in your website. In result, you will gain more followers and subscribers. But what’s more important about this is your reader would find easier to connect with you.

3. Other benefits of installing author box plugin is it helps you in personal branding stuffs. So how to establish a personal brand? There are a lot to requirements for this one. But If your running a magazine / new site it would be a great strategy to have this plugin when you have multiple authors. In this way your website will have more transparency, credibility, reputation, and most importantly you build trust to your readers.

4. Like what we said earlier, author box plays an important role in article marketing. Why? Because it would be easier for a client or  contributor to promote there links in your website. For example, If we were the client who wants to do some collaboration in your website. My main objective for me to work with you is how my brand would look natural in your website. Of-course author box is a big factor. We can easily do cross-promotion stuffs, we can add our social media links ,portfolios, and most importantly our actual website.

Install Author Box Plugin Benefit - Blogging Quotes

5. The last reason would not be a benefits of installing an author box. But it’s more about the installation of this plugin. In our case it only took us less than 10  minutes to fully install and customize our own author box.  We use Fancier Author Box  because it allows us to add multiple social media links, it’s easy to customize and lastly most of the users who have this plugin have really good user experience. For more of information hop over to our blogging tips section and make sure to spread the word.

What do you think our reason to install author box plugin? Make sure to put your comments below!

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  1. It’s definitely important to have an author box especially when you’re just starting out. It’s part of branding yourself/your blog. These are very sensible reasons!

  2. I also like finding out the author of the article especially if I really liked the content. The author box builds more credibility and trust.

  3. Love to have this on my blog but I’m using blogger platform. I will see and look if blogger have author box plug in. Thanks for sharing

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