5 Ways to Keep Bedroom Closet Clean and Organize

     Bedroom closet are supposed to be a clutter-free place and not add to your home mess. So to keep bedroom closet clean and organize follow these simple tips for easy closet organizing.

   Have many times you have experience a chaotic mood cause of your untidy closet? How about the problem to wear on that day cause of your messy closet? Well this problem is actually easy to solve. You just have to think the easiest solution and this problem will be solved. Lets get into it.

Ways to Keep Bedroom Closet Clean Includes:

Tip#1 Rid unused things.

  The easiest and the most common way to keep bedroom closet clean and organize is by getting rid of those unused clothes. Say goodbye to the clothes that’s too small for you, those old school jackets, those ripped jeans and those socks with tiny holes. Even though most of us becomes more attached to the things we own still if these clothes are not worn in the past 3-6 months then it’s time to rid them in your closet. Other option is you can separate those things that needs small repair like zipper and buttons or just donate them to foundation and charities.

Tip #2 Learn to Segregate

  The second thing you must do to keep bedroom closet clean and organize is by segregating. Simple things like separating the clothes that you always use to the clothes that you often use will surely help you in times in a hurry. You just have too get all your things in you closet put in the the bed. Make sure all your pets and the kids out in the house for easy organizing and house safety  and you can now start the work. Also you can separate them by your lucky colors, by brand, by purpose like formal attire to bedroom clothes. The choice is all yours you just have segregate them.

bedroom closet clean - hangers

Tip #3 Use Hangers and Small Containers

  After your done separating you clothes and accessories. Use hangers  to make  up more space. Use a small containers, any small boxes , plastic containers and etc. will definitely help you organize your jewelries, belts and scarves. A reminder in doing this tip it would be better if you make sure you organize this small containers by putting a label so it will not look mess.

Tip #4 Less is Better

  When we think that having the best closet is having a lot of clothes then you might think it wrong. It may sound overwhelming to hear but then again less is better when having the best closet . Less clothes means less mess unless your an organized person. Are you?

Tip #5 Set a date

  Lastly, to make bedroom closet clean and organize is by setting up a date for a cleaning time. It may sound tiring  but a 2-3 times a week  with  5-10 minutes of cleaning the bedroom closet   we assure you can already see the difference.

How about you? How do you keep your bedroom closet clean? Share us your tips in the comment section below.

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9 thoughts on “5 Ways to Keep Bedroom Closet Clean and Organize

  1. Definitely minimizing your wardrobe is the key! Too much clothes would just make your closet look cluttered. Especially if you don’t even wear them.

  2. Oh, I still have not gotten around cleaning my closet. I want to only keep clothes that bring me joy. I still need to allot time for cleanup. tsk tsk

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I think we need to declutter our closets na din. Parang madami na yatang mga lumang damit.
    I used to keep small clothes in our closet as motivation for me to get back on that shape. hehehe

  4. I am thinking of removing all the clothes that we are not using from our closet, especially those that doesn’t fit us already. But my mind is telling me, sayang and baka magamit ko pa once we lose the excess weight, hehe. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Segregating and getting rid of the unused clothes are the two things I really need to do this year. Our closet are so kalat and hirap maghanap ng damit sa dami ng old clothing.

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