6 Facts About Hubei Shennongjia China Heritage Site

     Facts About Hubei Shennongjia China  – According to reports from ChinaHiglights Offical website, there are  48 heritage sites in the country as of 2015. 37 are cultural heritage, 8 are natural heritage and there are 3 culture and natural heritage. Making the country second to Italy with the most preserved places in the world.

    But with so many places still anticipating to be on listed in UNESCO heritage sites, another 2 spot in China has easily listed this year 2016 for the prestigious recognition. First is the rock paintings found on the cliffs  in the southwest of China the ”Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art”. Second is a rich biological diversity in Hubei province .

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     “Shennongjia has been a place of significant scientific interest particularly for botanists and the mountains have featured prominently in the history of botanical inquiry,” read a report submitted in support of Shennonjia’s application.

Facts About Hubei Shennongjia China Heritage Site | Photo Credits UNESCO Official Website
Facts About Hubei Shennongjia China Heritage Site | Photo Credits UNESCO Official Website

    To get to know more about the 49th heritage site  of the country, we have gathered facts about Hubei Shennongjia China Heritage Site that may gave you a little curiosity and interest for the new heritage site of the most populous nation in South East Asia.

Facts About Hubei Shennongjia China Heritage Site Includes:

1. Before it became a heritage site, Hubei Shennongjia has already been featured in CNN travel section as one of China’s top new scenic spot in 2012.

2. The new world hertiage site is located in the northwestern part Hubei Province in the central-eastern of China.

3. One of world’s most well-preserved sub-tropical forest ecosystem is Shennongjia National Forest Park is . As it became the natural habitat to more than 5,000 species of plants and rare animals. Such as Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Asian Black Baear, Chinese Giant Salamander and etc.

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4. It all started when Shennongjia Forestry District was established in 1970. When the site has been a prominent subject to botanical research in the world. Giving a lot of scientist and botanist a significant interest to also conduct a specific research in this new world heritage site.

5. According to UNESCO, the site has estimated 3,253 km² land area and consists of two components. In the western part of the locations its called Shennongding/Badong area and in the eastern part its called Laojunshan area. Fore more photo and information visit UNESCO official website.

6 Facts About Hubei Shennongjia China Heritage Site
6 Facts About Hubei Shennongjia China Heritage Site | Travel Facts

6. Hubei Shennongjia is the 50th heritage site of China. Making the country second next to Italy (51 inscribed properties) with the most heritage site in the world.

7. In addition to Hubei Shennongjia renowned treasure to wildlife and plant diversity, the site has also been feature in HuffingtonPost 21 Traveler’s Dream Places and LATimes 21 Places You Must Visit Before You Die.

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