6 Fascinating Facts About Melissani Cave Greece

     Facts About Melissani Cave Greece – They say, the most beautiful and stunning places in the world are often to be found in the tropical nations of South America, Maldives, Thailand and the Philippines. Some may consider the picture perfect cities of Italy, France, Spain and Morocco are the best place to travel.  And mostly likely some people may conclude that the scenic Australia, New Zealand and Iceland are the best place we could ever be based on what they see on the internet.

     Well, we just can’t deny that those countries mentioned above are beautiful on its own way. But there’s one thing we’re ninety-nine percent sure. And that’s our nature places with scenic splendor is something we should visit first in our bucket list. Not the mention the picturesque Paria Canyon in Arizona USA, the Moraine Lake of Banff National Park in Alberta Canada, The Subterranean River of Palawan Philippines and so much more.

The Breathtaking Melissani Cave in Greece
The Breathtaking Melissani Cave in Greece | Photo Credits: Owner

     Now adding in your long list of wanderlust is a breathtaking nature place located in the island of Kefalonia, Greece.  If you’re interested to get to know about this site, we have gathered facts about Melissani Cave Greece that will surely pique your interest. Hopefully you’ll find this article worth sharing! Enjoy!!


Fascinating Facts About Melissani Cave Greece Includes:

1. Melissani Cave was said to be discovered in 1950’s by a Greek speleologist named Ioannis Petrocheilos after a part of the roof collapsed. The site is known in Greek mythology as the “Cave of the Nymphs.”

2. The cave is situated in the eastern coast of the island Kefalonia, Greece about 10-15 km from the town of Argostoli and about 2-5 km from the town of Sami near Karavomilos.

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3. The B-shaped cave has two chambers separated with land on the center. The outside of the site is surrounded with forest and inside the cave is a magnificent place with crystal clear water, stalactites, and stalagmites. But unusually, the inside of the cave is said to have lake with trees and forest.

6 Fascinating Facts About Melissani Cave Greece
6 Fascinating Facts About Melissani Cave Greece | Photo Credits: Ava Buralan Flickr 

4. The cave is about thirty to fortymeter high, about forty to fifty meter wide and about five to meter long.

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5. The magnificent clear waters of the lake is a mixture of seawater and fresh water which its water depth ranges to ten to fifty meters.

6. The best time visiting the site is in the middle of the sunny day. Where the ray of the light hits the magical crystal clear water of Melissani Cave.

6 Fascinating Facts About Melissani Cave Greece - Kefalonia Tour
Fascinating Facts About Melissani Cave Greece – Kefalonia Tour | Photo Credits: Owner

Photo Credits: Owner

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