6 Informative Golden Gate Bridge Facts

     The Golden Gate Bridge Facts –  a suspension bridge that was built to connect San Francisco to Marin County. This world renowned and most photographed bridge has also been listed in seven wonders of our modern world and been the most famous landmark in California, United States.

     At this moment you will be learning some of bridge history, its actual color name, estimated cars to cross the bridge in a day, and few more facts that will surely give you knowledge of the bridge. Without further ado here are our 6  Golden Gate Bridge facts.

Informative Golden Gate Bridge Facts Includes:

6 Informative Golden Gate Bridge Facts

1. Before the bridge was built, the only way people to cross the bay is either by boat or ferry. It has also been a humor back then, that it was impossible to build the bridge because of the strong wind, big waves, and the deep blue ocean of the bay. But the person behind the bridge Joseph Strauss prove them wrong. When he start constructing the bridge and received a lot of support and bond from suppliers from other countries. The estimated cost of the entire project was about $30 million and it took them less than 4 years to finish this amazing structure. In addition May 25, 1937 was the first day vehicles were allowed to cross the bridge. More than 100,000 vehicles cross the bridge everyday and nearly 40 million in a year.

2. Golden Gate Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world not until Japan’s Akashi Kaiyo was built with approximately center span of 1991m.

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3. The color of the bridge was supposed to be stripes (black and white) as per military purposes. But eventually the Navy decided to use the color International Orange / Orange Vermilion because first , for prevention purposes of boats an ships especially when the area becomes foggy. Second, they had to choose these color because they thought it would be an ideal color for the great surroundings of the bridge. And lastly its the perfect color for the bridge to be noticeable in air.

4.The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most suicidal place in the world. According to CNN, suicidal people from all over the world come to the bridge just to commit suicide. Around 1600 people were reported death since it open last 1937. And there is also a reports that one man tried to jump the bridge for fun. In addition, Victoria’s Secret founder Ray Raymond  committed suicide in this architectural wonder in 1993.

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5. Even though a lot of death incidents is reported in the bridge. It remains a famous tourist attraction in California for its spectacular sight. Most enchanting in the morning when the bridge is partly covered in clouds and more magical in night when the bridge lights the entire San Francisco bay.

6. The great Golden Gate Bridge is one of Hollywood director’s favorite places to destroy in there movie. This includes: It came from beneath the sea (1955) , The Rock (1966) , The Core (2003) , X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) , Star Trek (2009) , Rise of the Planet Apes (2011), Pacific Rim (2013) , Godzilla (2014) , San Andreas (2015) and many more.

Informative Golden Gate Bridge Facts - Travel Facts and Travel Guide
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