6 Lucky Colors in Year of the Monkey 2016

    Every time a  new year is coming, we all get excited to know about our future career, love, financial status and etc.But before 2016 is about to knock our doors, it is important that we  know the lucky colors in  year of the monkey 2016 – as it believed that what we wear and what we have will be bring us success and luck.

   As per Chinese astrology, 2016 is the year of fire monkey – according to Fengshui.about.com 2016  is  a year of harmony with the energy  and befriend of the ruling Fiery Monkey. Now this time it is recommended that we must wear the colors of the Fire feng shui element.

So what are these 2016 lucky colors ? Let’s get into it.

Here are the list: 6 Lucky Colors in Year of the Monkey 2016


         – this color  represents the symbol of the sun which is all about change and positivity. So whether your wearing a yellow shirt, having yellow items or eating anything within this color it will surely uplift your spirits.


        – Speaking of the year of the fire monkey,  red and orange would be ideal for this year. This year will be surely  a great work-related opportunities for Aries.


        – For people who are born under Taurus zodiac sign – it symbolizes the stability and beauty which is ruled by Venus.


      – This color represents the warmth and fierce approach of the new year 2016. Thus wearing this color will bring bright/bold and will surely bring good luck to a person.


      –  According to Manila Bulletin this color will be the luckiest color of the year.  Feng shui Master Hanz Cua revealed the color blue signifies optimism, cheerfulness and family gatherings.  He also added tips in welcoming the New Year:  To de-clutter common home problems  and in our workplace Dispose unnecessary things and old stuff. Make sure rice dispensers are full when new year enters and by switching on our lights and listen to loud and happy music.

Lucky colors in year of the monkey 2016 - Magenta


        Just to add, fire feng shui element colors are not just  the lucky color of the year. We can also have the colors of the wood element and these next set of lucky colors in year of the monkey 2016 includes:

Additional Color : Green & Brown

       The  power of color green will bring us the  harmony to all our endeavors. Also the color which represent the wood element will be for health and family, wealth and abundance, and lastly fame and reputation.

      No matter what color you choose to wear. No matter what lucky food and fruits you eat and no matter how you celebrate the new year at the end of the day it’s all about the hard-work of the person to make the entire 2016 luck and successful.

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What do you think of our lucky colors in year of the monkey 2016? Make sure to put your comments below!

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  1. I always thought we would only have one luck color. Thanks for sharing this. It’s really insightful.

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