6 Must Have Gadgets for Traveling

   Must Have Gadgets For Traveling – Before hitting the airport, experience different outdoor activities and meet new sets of people, make sure to bring these must have gadgets for traveling depending on your preference.

   There are different kind of travelers. Most of them requires a check-list of different tools and accessories, heavy duty equipment and latest gadget for their getaway. There are travelers who prefer light packing and lastly there are travelers who choose to have more lesser things specifically a pair of shirt, shorts and underwear, slippers and basic camera then they are ready to go. Now, which kind of traveler do you belong?

   But by making sure that we don’t look like traveling with an entire stock room of electronic store here’s our list of must have gadgets for traveling.

Must Have Gadgets For Traveling Includes:

Must Have Gadgets For Travelling - Noise Cancelling Headphones
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Noise Cancelling Headphones

     – Starting from falling in line at the airport, commuting for more than an hour – having a flight in general. Taking a nap is really hard. Simply because it’s tiring when traveling and too much noise is present everywhere making it  more hard taking a decent nap. Agree? Worry no more; you can buy yourself a noise cancelling headphones at malls and leading stores online.

Travel Watches

     – There are different kinds of watches. We even tend to categorize them by purpose like: racing watches, diving watches, pilot watches, formal and business watches and there are travel watches that are more ideal to adventure seekers. These specially-made watches are more durable, endures abuse, mega or probably ultra waterproofing capabilities, stain resistant and most importantly it could keep up with our daily action activities. To know more about these travel gadgets a wide assortment of watches available at ZALORA!

Swiss Army Knife

     –  This one is very important gadget in traveling specifically for people who are into mountaineering. When in certain circumstances you can easily open a can, pull out a stinger, fix your broken things using the Swiss Army Knife screwdriver.

Smart Phone

     – This should always be number one above the entire list. By simply having a smart phone you can enjoy yourself reading a kindle version of your favorite books while in a flight, you can easily contact your family and friends and you can use this gadget as an alternative for capturing great moments in your adventure.

Must Have Gadgets For travelling - Action Camera
Must Have Gadgets For travelling – Action Camera

DSLR / Action Cameras / Drone

     – They might be an expensive gadgets for most of us but the  having a great quality photo in our vacation is totally worth it. Compare to DSLR’s, action Cameras  are small and light weight. They can also capture your wildest adventure in high-definition  photos and videos. They can also be accessorized like selfie sticks depending on your preference and they are also more ideal to your  gopro outdoor activities.  And there are also drones that can capture your adventure’s aerial shots.

Power Banks and Adapters

     – When traveling its normal to to loose some battery life, making it more pain in the ass most especially when your in the middle of your vacation. Thanks to the person behind power bank. You can now easily extend 2-3 times  of your battery life but just make sure to bring the necessary adapter for your other gadgets.

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What do you think of our must have gadgets for traveling ? Make sure to put your comments below.

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7 thoughts on “6 Must Have Gadgets for Traveling

  1. I hate carrying many gadgets. So I made sure my phone is capable of shooting awesome photos. I just carried w/ me portable lens and tri-pod.

  2. I bring these gadgets but I have left my Swiss Army Knife at home because I’m afraid the airport staff might confiscate it. 🙁

  3. since I am planning to engage myself in more travels this year, i will definitely keep this in my mind…I agree with that noise cancelling head phones… when I went to baguio along with other groups, I really find it hard to nap which I needed so bad because it was really a long ride… the group behind me was really loud and noisy so I find it hard to sleep!

  4. Glad you put the Swiss army knife in there. The basics are still very important. As an ex- boys scout of the philippines member, I approve.

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