6 Must Visit Romantic Places In The World

   February is already in the air and probably in every corner of your room. A month filled with love and hope for most of us, a  month of giving gifts to our love ones and a month to appreciate the person around us. Speaking of person around us. Are you planning to escape this valentines day? Or probably having a weekend/holiday getaway this year of the monkey 2016? Here’s our suggestion that might help you finding the perfect must visit romantic places this year. 

Must Visit Romantic Places In The World Includes:

The Mulia Bali Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

     –  Bali has been in the list of must visit romantic places for its island’s picture perfect scenery , crystal clear water, and the culture and tradition of the country. Couple also choose this place as there future honeymoon destinations for it offers a great backdrop for wedding ceremonies.  A new resort in Bali, Indonesia called The Mulia offers a stunning beach  in-front of Nusa Dua Bay. Villas that has a luxury pools , white beach, and a stunning scenery that can captivate you and your partner to get married in this place. Bali, Indonesia is  not just a place couples but also for people who wants to experience a relaxing treat that everyone always wanted.

Fez, Morocco

     – Morocco has been named as the 6th most romantic cities in the world last 2013. It has been the perfect exotic place for couples who want to experience a   medieval theme wedding. Morocco is also famous for its exquisite tea gardens, amazing tiled mosques and there sensuous spice and stunning sights, said Adioso report.  In addition,  make sure to visit Heri el Souani, designed by the ancient king. And the famous Sofitel Palais Jamis  – a perfect romantic place that offers breathtaking views.

New York City

     – New York City also offers a breathtaking views to famous tourist spots. Its an ideal place to have a date in these romantic restaurants in NYC.  So make sure  to save an enough money, mark your calendar and visit NYC cause the possibilities of romantic experience  here are limitless.

Santorini, Greece - Must Visit Romantic Places In The World

  Santorini, Greece

    – Listed as one of the most romantic places to visit for couples all around the world . Santorini is  shaped in form of crescent, an island consisting of other island Thirassia and Palea and others. Though Santorini islands is still considered as active volcano, it still attracts people for its one-of-a-kind beauty.  In this place you can experience a great food, excellent music varying on the mood of the guests, and so many happenings.  Santorini, Greece is really ideal not just couples on their honeymoons but also for people who wants to enjoy and witness the beauty of the entire island.

5 Breathtaking Maldives Photos You Should Check Out


     – Romance in this place is such a huge deal for businessmen, where most visitors are going to have a honeymoon, wedding ceremonies or probably just a holiday getaway of families and friends. Maldives is an archipelago with more than 1,100 islands and only 200 are inhabited. Probably more than 80 private resorts and each of them are offering a white sand and shallow lagoons.

Paris, France

     – Ofcourse a list of must visit romantic places without Paris is incomplete. A city of love and romance where you can enjoy walking in the street, visit and taste famous pastries, cafes, wines and getting cozy in a night-time cruise with the stunning view of the great Eiffel Tower.

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20 thoughts on “6 Must Visit Romantic Places In The World

  1. Santorini and Paris has always been on my bucket list. I agree though, all these cities are definitely worth visiting!

  2. All of these are in my bucket list but my #1 in my bucket list was Greece. Greece is a very amazing and interesting place to visit!! <3

  3. Santorini, Greece and Paris for me if I have the means to travel. It would be grat to relax and experience this wonderful places. Thanks for sharing

  4. I love to travel! I am with you on #3. Surprisingly we have an identical list, minus Bali. I never would have thought of Indonesia as a romanic place. Dubai is also pretty romantic. I really enjoyed my time there.

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