7 Creepy Bermuda Triangle Facts You Should Know

     Bermuda Triangle Facts – has been one of the most horrifying and mysterious places in the world due to reports of missing planes, sink and vanished ships and sighting of aliens. Also known as Devils Triangle – a triangular shaped area located in Atlantic Ocean bounded by Bermuda, a point in Florida and Puerto Rico. This place has been featured and headlines of several websites, magazines, documentary shows, and even in a 1974 book entitled ” The Bermuda Triangle” – one of best selling book of Charles Berlitz.

    Though a long time has already gone by, the theories and mysterious happenings has yet to be solved. So make things more clear here are out list of Bermuda Triangle facts.

Creepy Bermuda Triangle Facts You Should Know Includes:

Creepy Bermuda Triangle Facts You Should Know
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1. The legend started when a published article of Edward Van Jones reported to have number of missing planes and ships in the Devil’s Triangle. These includes the airplanes of “Star Ariel” and “Star Tiger” , the US Navy torpedo bombers, Douglas DC- 3NC16002, B-29 Superfortress and etc.

2. Before Edward’s article, the first person who made the bad reputation of Bermuda Triangle is Columbus. As posted in TodayIFoundOut, Columbus encountered a weird reading in his compass and spotted several unusual lights causing the entire crew of the ship return to Spain.

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3. All aircraft is said to experienced an heavy and unusual fog inside the triangle. A pilot Bruce German said to escape a 20 second cloud tunnel after moving out from the other end. Bruce who already had a dozen of flights stated that their navigational and electronic instruments are malfunctioning inside the tunnel.

4. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the two unlikely places that does not point true north in compass.

5. Around 20 planes had been missing, more than 50 ships had probably sink and vanished and more than 1000 lives have lost in Devils Triangle.

6. A several sightings of UFO spacecrafts are reported in the triangle. It also believed to have an alien based in the triangle and portal to other place.

Creepy Bermuda Triangle Facts You Should Know | Photo Credits: Owner

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7. Of all aircraft missing in the triangle, no debris was still founded. In addition, a creepy incident of yacht that survived 2-3 hurricanes was founded in 1955 but missing all its crew.

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