6 Impressive Antigua Naval Dockyard Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

     Impressive Antigua Naval Dockyard Facts – Shipyards from all over the world is made for place where ships are built and repaired. Any watercraft can easily be fixed and restored to its original look. Either a cruise liner, yachts, cargo, passenger ships, military vessels and etc.

  Aside from the obvious use of shipyards/dockyards which is associated with maintenance and basing of ships. Dockyards are also been made as defensive structure just like the new heritage site in Antigua, the Naval or Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour.

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      To simply get know more about the shipyard heritage site. We have gathered  impressive Antigua Naval Dockyard facts you probably didn’t know. Again, hopefully you’ll find this travel facts informative and useful. Enjoy!

5 Impressive Antigua Naval Dockyard Facts You Probably Didn’t Know
5 Impressive Antigua Naval Dockyard Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Impressive Antigua Naval Dockyard Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Includes:

1. The heritage dockyard site – Nelson’s Dockyard  was name after the doomed hero Admiral Horatio Nelson. He was a British flag officer in the Royal Navy noted for his great leadership.  Innovative and superb tactics, excellent strategy and naval victories during the Napoleonic War.

2. According to the publisher and business executive Mr. Reginald Murphy. The country of Antigua and Barbuda has been receiving glowing praise from many nations. Thus after 10 years of hard work, the Antigua Naval Dockyard also known as Nelson’s Dockyard. Was finally inscribed as outstanding universal value and major importance to all humanity. Effects for being listed in UNESCO heritage site is the international exposure. Antigua and Barbuda will be easily displayed in the map and more publications in the internet and books giving positive information to the country.

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 3. According to (UNESCO), the heritage site of Antigua consist of a group of Georgenian style naval building and structures set within a wall closure. They were in late 18th and early 19th century framework by the British Navy who orderly built the dockyard.4. When the site was abandoned by the royal navy in 1889, the dockyard was rotten not until in 1951 when the restoration of the heritage site began.

4. The construction of the heritage Antigua dockyard would not been possible without the labor of thousands of enslaved Africans during 18th century.

5. The Nelson’s Dockyard: Antigua Naval Dockyard was home to small and huge yachting and sailing event. Such as the International Seaboard Marine Optimist North American Championship in 2015 and 2016.

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6. According to Telegraph UK, the Nelson’s Dockyard is Britain’s one of the best colonial Caribbean legacy.

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