7 Interesting Facts About Dean’s Blue Hole Bahamas

     Facts About Deans Blue Hole – Most people are already at please spending their vacation somewhere peaceful and calm. Some may take a holiday on a beach having a great tan. Some hike mountains to witness sea of clouds and find peace in themselves. While others enjoy actively finding real adventures seeking out strange yet very interesting places they want to visit.

     If you’re one of those few people who are looking for real adventure and once in a lifetime experience, we recommend checking out these places we’ve already featured before: Pink Lake Hillier in Australia, The River with five colors in Colombia and this definitely nerve wracking location in Bahamas. Continue reading below as we’re about give facts about Deans Blue Hole  you’ll surely be at awe.

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Facts About Deans Blue Hole Bahamas Includes:

7 Interesting Facts About Deans Blue Hole Bahamas

1. Situated in the bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas. Dean’s blue hole is circular warm salt-water swimming pool vertical cave. With an opening diameter of about to 25 x 35 m and as you reach down the hole diameter reaches to 100 meter.

2. The name “Dean’s Blue Hole” is said to be after the owner of the local landowners. The water of the sinkhole is extremely clear that when you’re lucky enough to visit the place in good weather, visibility can reach to 100 feet.

3. Dean’s Blue Hole plunges to 202 meters (663 feet) depth making it as the deepest water-filled sink hole in the world.

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4. But on 2016, reports have claimed the the deepest blue hole in the world is found in South China Sea – “Dragons Hole” with about 30 meter (987 feet) deep.

5.In year 1992, a diver president of Deep Breathing System named Jim King performed a expedition in the Dean’s blue Hole. He reaches the bottom of the hole about 202 meters (663 feet).

6. Since then, several free-diving expedition attempts for a world record happens in Dean’s Blue Hole. A record breaking free-dive was by William Trubridge in 2010 when he reach a depth of 101 meters (302 feet) without using fins. Records of death has been reported in the sinkhole.

7. Several impressive blue holes are found in different parts in the part including: The Great Blue Hole in Belize, Blue Hole in Dahab Egypt, Blue Hole in Gozo Island Malta and so much more.

Facts About Deans Blue Hole Bahamas - Travel Facts Guide - Photo Credits Bahamas Best Real Estate
Facts About Deans Blue Hole Bahamas – Photo Credits Bahamas Best Real Estate

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