7 Must Have Traits Of An Entrepreneur

   This particular post “Entrepreneur Traits” introduces to all young boys and girls on how to assess themselves in taking entrepreneurship as a career. If your an aspiring businessmen or your just starting to build and having your own business take a little time to read this because it can probably help you to succeed in this chosen career.

    * So fist what is an entrepreneur?

         Entrepreneurs  are basically people who have the initiative to run a business. They plan ahead to come up with the resources needed, uses this  resources to meet the needs and wants of his costumer/client  and lastly they are obliged to take challenges and to make innovations in the world of entrepreneurship. Honestly, most business-minded Filipinos including myself is always concerned on what other way we can serve people and at the same time improve man’s quality of life. But I everyone is capable of running and having our own business as long as we love what we do, motivated , determined to succeed  and as long as we have these entrepreneur traits.  Let’s get started!

Must Have Traits Of An Entrepreneur Includes:


1. Risk-takers

           –  We all know that to achieve success in life, we must take risks. This risk will tell if you fail or not. Just like in business many entrepreneurs risk a large amount of money even if they got into a large debt just to start their own business. ” Business is all about risking.”

2. Self-confident

       –  A good entrepreneur should be confident with himself.  That he can overcome certain problems , handle it and solve this by  his own hands.

3. Good Innovator

      – You have a lot of competitor out there. The question is , what’s with your product/services ahead to others? Just keep finding ways to improve your products and services to meet the need and wants of your costumer /client.

4. Good Salesman

        – Entrepreneurs should use and know what they are offering . Simply because it would you more believable in the process of persuading your product/ services.

5. Honest

      – If your a business owner right now, you probably now that honesty is really important. You meet different people: employees, business partners, salesmen, advertisers  including customers/clients and many more. You really need to show honesty on your work in dealing with other people.

6. Good Planners

       – Entrepreneurs set plans, create ideas, follow up progress, listen to customer feedback and attain this plan to success.

7. Goal Setters

      – Setting a clear and specific short-term goals and long-term goals is what entrepreneurs do. Without a goal in a business it would probably end up to failure and closure. So set goals!

      To sum up , entrepreneurship is no joke. You just don’t invest money into it hence,  it  really needs time and hands-on effort to succeed.There’s a lot to consider and lot to remember . So, if your planning to have your own business make sure your really into it. Make sure to take care of your money, take care of your business and take care of your employees because without them you will not achieve your dream success. Good luck!

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What do you think of our must have traits of an entrepreneur. Make sure to put your comments below!

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10 thoughts on “7 Must Have Traits Of An Entrepreneur

  1. Awesome tips! I will really take this in seriously as I dive deep into entrepreneurship!

  2. I want to be an entrepreneur myself but I guess I don’t have much confidence yet and I’m afraid of taking risks! Two of the things I should learn most.

  3. I know it is hard, although I am not an entrepreneur myself. There’s so much to consider, like what you’ve mentioned, risks, competitors, innovations. We really couldn’t be sure if our ideas will be profitable.

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