7 Surprising Blood Falls Antarctica Facts

     Blood Falls  Antarctica Facts – An unusual and strange waterfall with a bright vivid red water color. Located in one of the strangest places on the continent of Antarctica, McMurdo Dry Valley. Blood Falls resembles a bloodstream allowing a lot of impression to geologist and researcher to conduct a study in the falls phenomenon. This one of a kind falls has also been listed in several travel website as one of the world’s strangest and unusual place to visit.

     So in this article we will find out the reason behind its unusual water color, its possible source of water, its first actual discovery year and few more Blood Falls Antarctica facts for everyone’s knowledge and understanding. Lets get into it!

What is the Possible Reason Behind its Unusual Water Color?

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Blood Falls Antarctica Facts – Unusual Water Color

     If you looked at the picture of the falls you might feel disgusted of its red water color. Most especially people are used to “white” waterfalls. But just like the Australia’s Pink Lake Hillier  behind its unusual color lies a scientific explanation. According to the study conducted by the team of the microbiologist Jill Mikucki. The possible reason behind its color is the absence of oxygen and  the presence of at least 17 different microorganism in the falls. In line with this microorganism it has been believed that they are flowing and trapped beneath the ice for millions of years now. Also according to Mikucki told  in Washington post, they have found out that these brine’s or water impregnated with salt were widespread than they originally thought. Throughout their studies they concluded that there’s a potential of much more extensive subsurface ecosystem in the continent of Antarctica.

Where Did the Blood Falls Water Came From?

     Considering that the falls is located in Antarctica, McMurdo Dry Valley which is one of the driest and coldest places on earth. You might be wondering where did the Blood Falls water came from? To answer the question  Discover Magazine has to say something with its unusual phenomena:

“The source of that water is an intensity salty lake trapped beneath 13000 feet of ice. And a new study has now found that microbes have carved out a niche for themselves in that inhospitable environment, living on sulfur and iron compounds. The bacteria colony has been isolated there for about 1.5 million year. Researchers say ever since the glacier rolled over the lake and created a cold, dark, oxygen-poor ecosystem. “

     To continue Antarctic glaciers are believed to have natural mysteries and phenomena causing the unusual color of the waterfalls. There are also been hints showing that life beneath the ice is certainly active we may don’t know. Here are other Blood Falls, Antarctica facts you probably don’t know

Blood Falls Antarctica Facts Includes:

Blood Falls Antarctica Facts - McMurdo Dry Valleys
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1. Blood Falls was first discovered by the Australian geologist and explorer Griffith Taylor in 1991. That’s why a valley and glacier in Antarctica is named after him.

2. According to the widely accepted research done by Jill Mikukchi, the water from the falls is two to three times saltier than a seawater.

3. The water that supplies the waterfall has never seen a sunlight until discharge. Its water composition is completely oxygen free but excessively rich in iron.

4. The color of the lake doesn’t only make the Blood falls weird. It’s most likely what’s inside the sub-glacial lake that interest most of geologist and researchers.

5. Scientist and geologist thinks that the microorganism responsible for the Blood Falls might exist somewhere in the solar system like Europa, Mars and etc.

6. As the water come out from the glacier  the rusty colored water is formed when it contacts in the air. Then it becomes dry  because of the strong wind and that explains the vivid blood red color of the waterfall.

Blood Falls Antarctica Mystery - 7 Surprising Blood Falls Antarctica Facts
Blood Falls Antarctica Mystery – 7 Surprising Blood Falls Antarctica Facts | Photo Credits: The Weather Network

7. If you’re planning to witness the Blood Falls by yourself. The only way you can get there is by catching a cruise ship boarding to Ross Sea. Other option is by taking a helicopter ride for more unwinding experience. But take note before travelling to Antarctica you must be prepared for their extreme weather conditions. Approximately there average highest temperature for a year is -49 degrees F while there in lowest temperature in a year is -56 degrees F.

Surprising Blood Falls Antarctica Facts - The Yolo Moments
Surprising Blood Falls Antarctica Facts – The Yolo Moments | Photo Credits: Owner

Feautured Photo Credits: The Weather Network

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