8 Fascinating Facts About Spotted Lake Kliluk Canada

     Facts About Spotted Lake Kliluk – Our world has been blessed with jaw-dropping and exhilarating stunning travel destination. Some may have photographed and luckily visited by tourist from all over the world like Melissani Cave in Greece, San Juan De Gaztelugatxe in Spain, Reykjavik City in Iceland and etc. Yet surely tons of travel destination are still out there unspoiled and undiscovered by humans.

     But as years go by, definition of travel destination has changed gradually. From chill and just scenic picture perfect beauty spot, now people are more open to adventure and once in a lifetime visit of tourist attractions where they will remember probably the rest of their life. For example the vivid Pink Lake in Australia, Dean’s Blue Hole in Bahamas, River with Fiver Colors in Columbia and much more. Now adding to our list of strange yet interesting place is a lake located in the western most province of Canada. Get to know about about this place as we’ve gathered facts About Spotted Lake Kliluk you’ll surely didn’t know about. Lets get into it!

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Fascinating Facts About Spotted Lake Kliluk Canada

1. The Spotted Lake Klikuk is a saline endorheic alkali type of lake that contains various concentrated minerals deposits  like magnesium sulfate, calium and sodium sulphates, silver, titanium and etc.

2. By that, Spotted lake is listed as one of the most mineralized bodies of water in the world. Each of them consist of different mineral types and mixtures.

8 Fascinating Facts About Spotted Lake Kliluk Canada

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3. Specifically located in the northwestern part of Osoyoos, British Columbia(BC) Canada, this unusual body of water they called Spotted Lake was originally known to the First Nations of the Okanagan (Sylix) Valley tribe  as Kliluk.

4. According to WikiPedia, the surreal lake was consired and believed by the First Nations tribe as sacred place for healing and therapeutic power to treat conditions like skin diseases, warts and etc.

5. Reports from various news/travelwebsite covering the place that minerals present in Lake Kliluk were used for ammunition during World War 1.

6. The Spotted Lake Kliluk has estimated measures of about 0.43 miles (0.7km) long and 0.16 miles (.25 km) wide. With combine shore length of about 1.1 miles (1.7km),

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7. During summer where most water evaporates, colorful and remarkable large spots apears. Possibly due to magnesium sulfate  and other mineral compositions in whichit  crystaliezes during this time of the year.

8. Still as per Wikipedia resources, Spotted Lake Kliluk is owned by the First Nations tribe after negotiating and haggling the 22 hectares land of $720,000 after 40 years ownership og Ernest Smith Family.

Spotted Lake Kliluk Facts British Columbia Canada - Travel Facts
Spotted Lake Kliluk Facts British Columbia Canada – Travel Facts | Photo Credits: photorender

Today the lake can only be  viewed by distance (fence) for cultural and ecological protection of the site. (Late July is the best time to visit the Spotted Lake in Canada)

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