8 Intriguing Facts About Devils Tower

   Facts about Devils Tower – one of the most famous igneous intrusion located in the Bear Lodge Mountains, near Crook County and Hulett, northeastern part of Wyoming. It became a sacred place for most American tribes considering that many legends and myths are surrounding in the tower. It also became the most incredible place in Wyoming where geologist can’t even explain its natural formation.

   Until a theory from National Park Service, lead by the scientist Nelson Horatio Darton – he stated that the possible formation of the tower is a large amount of igneous rocks that was formed together. Other theory from UsaToday is that it could a volcano before, remain its debris and eroded ashes away.  Regardless of where does it came from, the myths, hoax and legends of the 1,267 foot tall National Monument is still consider as “like no other place on earth.” So here are our facts about Devils Tower.

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Intriguing Facts About Devils Tower Includes:

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1. The “Devils Tower” was not actually the exact name of the National Monument. During the proclamation signed by Roosevelt, the tower was supposed to be “Devil’s Triangle” with apostrophe.

2. The National Monument means a lot to Native Americans. A clear evident about this is the hanging colored prayer bundles along the way to the tower. In addition, there are signs along the trail asking the visitor not the touch any of of the hanging bundles.

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3. Before the Devils Tower became popular by the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. The Wyoming state was lived by different tribes: Kiowa, Lakota, Cheyenne, Shoshone, Arapaho, and Crow.

4. Also when you entered and get closer to the Devils Tower, a group of of little prairie dogs are coming to greet you. You can take a picture, enjoy and get the opportunity to witness them but a getting very close to them would not be a good idea. They are said to to infect people with there fleas and possibly bite you once you get closer.

5. Due to its religious and cultural significance to the American Indian tribes a voluntary climbing closure was announced by the National Monument superintendent Dorothy Firecloud effect on month of June.

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6. Just like the Devils Triangle also known as “Bermuda Triangle” , a number of legends and myths are surrounding the National Monument. There are reports of people who have died climbing the tower. Three occurred while descending (rappelling) the tower. Others are yet to be confirmed.

7. The Devils Tower are made up of igneous columns held together by the gravity. According to the experts, in the last 200 years of the tower none of the columns have fallen.

8. There are stories from Native Americans of how the creation of the National Monument . It was said to be a 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls (depending on the version) who got lost and were chased by a giant bear. These children prayed to the gods, then a ground rose up to protect them from the giant bear. The bear tried to climb by scratching the tower up to the structure but ending up not succeeding.

Intriguing Facts About Devils Tower - Travel Facts and Travel Guide
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