8 Mysterious Facts About Jacobs Well In Texas Hill Country

     Facts About Jacobs Well – When you first saw the featured image in this article, few words surely came up to your mind. “Photoshop, Unreal, Exaggerated and etc.” Agree? Now believe it or not, it happens to be this strange place like the Enchanted River in the Philippines really exist in our planet. Even huge website like DailyMail UK, HuffintongPost, AmusingPlanet dubbed Jacob’s Well as one of the most strangest and dangerous places to dive on earth.

      As posted in Daily Mail UK official website, even with the numbers of people reported to lose lives in the well. It didn’t stop hundreds of thrill-seekers to visit plunge into the natural daredevil swimming pool located in Wimberley, Texas.

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Facts About Jacobs Well - One of the Longest Underwater Caves in Texas
Facts About Jacobs Well – One of the Longest Underwater Caves in Texas

      The question is if a given a chance to visit the well do you have the guts to swim in this strange place? Do you have courage to at jump into the waters of the well? If not, then just continue reading below and you’ll to learn few facts about Jacobs Well. Hopefully you’ll find this one worth sharing and interesting to read. Enjoy!

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Mysterious Facts About Jacobs Well In Texas Hill Country Includes:

1. Specifically located in the northwest part of Wimberley Texas. The “Gem of Texas Hill Country” is a popular perennial karstic spring that feeds thousands of gallons every minute in Cypress Creek.

2. Jacobs Well was said to be discovered way back in 1850’s with estimated mouth diameter of 3.5-4 meters. Unlike the Enchanted River which depth is unknown, Jacobs Well is one of the largest underwater caves in Texas. With about 35-40 meters (90-125 feet) downward and from there an angle narrow chamber can be found as per Wikipedia information. See fact #7 for more info.

3. As per Chron official website reports, more than 10 people have already died in the site.

Jacobs Well, Wimberley, Texas - Travel Facts
Jacobs Well, Wimberley, Texas – Travel Facts

4. A dive shop owner and local diver named Don Dibble revealed that he was seriously injured and almost died in Jacobs well. Dibble stated in reports that he still tried to find and save the last two divers who got lost in the underwater cave.

5. After the incident and recovery of Don Dibble, he decided to put a cement grate in the tunnel entrance. About 50-100 feet depth to avoid further accident and exploration of any divers.

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6. Two-three months later, Dibble check the cement grate in the well and there he found out that divers removed it. Leaving a note of “You can’t keep us out” and a phone number, which was later discovered that the person behind it could be in Houston, Texas.

Jacobs Well In Texas Hill Country | Photo Credits by Carl Griffin:

8 Mysterious Facts About Jacobs Well In Texas Hill Country

7. The site has already been explored by a lot of divers, discovering two main conduits in Jacobs Well. First one has estimated 1,000-1,500 feet from the point where the passage separated in the main conduit. The second one has approximately 4,500-5,000 feet from the surface of the well.

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8. Even with the numbers of reported death in the world’s stunning yet deadly natural swimming pool, the Jacobs Well in Texas is still open to local and foreign tourist.

Here’s a Video Of The Strange Yet Very Interesting Jacob’s Well In Texas:

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