8 Random Facts About Apple Watch Series 2 You Need To Know

     Random Facts About Apple Watch Series 2 – After Apple made announcements this week for their new smartphones, Apple fans and techie lovers from all over the world had some mixed reaction for the risky changes made by the multinational company.  One of the topic spreading like a wildfire in social media is the wireless headset, now called by Apple as “Air pod.”

     Other thing that made people getting into Apple, is their latest release of watch that focuses more in fitness.  Some analyst find it  a great innovation  but  some are raising their eyebrows with the price.  Here are some reactions from different people with this latest release of Apple watch.

8 Random Facts About Apple Watch Series 2 You Need To Know
8 Random Facts About Apple Watch Series 2 You Need To Know

     “Fitness is the easiest selling point at the moment for wearables. Fitness bands [like Fitbit] are still outselling smartwatches and some of it is due to lower price. But some of it is due to the fact that consumers are still not quite sure what smartwatches can do for them and if it’s worth paying more.” – Carolina Milanesi, Analyst at Creative Strategies.

      “It’s good that Apple is trying to reposition the Watch as a solution rather than a peripheral device [to a smartphone], but at its current $369 price point, it may have limited market appeal and I don’t see this will be a very high volume market for Apple.” – Jack Gold, Analyst at J. Gold Associates

     “People still don’t know what to do with a smartwatch device.Focusing on fitness is like Apple’s Trojan horse to get users to slowly start to use a smartwatch for other things, like notifications. Apple hopes they will later realize the value.” – Jitesh Ubrani Analyst at i IDC .

     To simply get to more about this this latest Apple gadget/technology here we gathered random facts about Apple Watch Series 2. Hopefully you’ll find this one informative and worth sharing. Enjoy!

8 Random Facts About Apple Watch Series 2 You Need To Know Includes:

The Second Generation of Apple Watch Released Last September 9, 2016
The Second Generation of Apple Watch Released Last September 9, 2016 – Photo Credits: Apple Gazette

1. Series 2 is now built-in with GPS chip for more advanced tracking.

2. Apple Watch Series 2 is now water-resistant (up to 50 meters), which means your precious timepiece will still continue working even if you get wet in shallow water and swimming.

3. Apple’s new smartwatch is obviously faster than the first one. Now even have brighter display so users would be easier to read in direct sunlight. They also have partnership with huge brands like Nike and Hermes for this latest release.

4. The watch is not yet supported with FaceTime camera, unlike the rumors in the internet that just like Samsung watches it will have the same feature too.

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5. You can now play your favorite mobile game Pokémon Go in Apple Watch Series 2.

6. The pre-orders for the watch has started September 9, two days after the announcement of iPhone devices.

7. The second generation of Apple watch is a little bit expensive, costing around $369 (about AU$529, £369).

8. As per the release date and the announcement of Apple with their new gadgets, Apple fans from the Philippines will probably get this highly anticipated devices around October to November. For more information about the gadget, hop over to Apple’s Official Website – Apple Watch Series 2 and  see it yourself.

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