Alexa Rank Widget Tips & Tutorial

  Today we will be having a tutorial on how to add Alexa rank widget and why is it important for your website or blog. Hopefully you’ll find this post useful and informative.

  There are two things that could determine your websites ranking and popularity. First is Google Page rank  which according from some sources. Since last year Google has not updating  page rank from almost all blogs and website. And until now no one knows when and how long Google will take for the next update. Second is Alexa rank which we will be having a tutorial on how to add this widget. Also Alexa had been accurate and great idea for showing websites demographic visitors, backlinks, website rankings and etc.

Why is is important to add Alexa rank widget in your blog or website?

  When we moved  out from my to this new .com hosted website last August 2015 we must say our  Alexa rank has been doing well now. We could still remember when we just got this .com website and or Alexa ranking is about 4 million. Since we installed this Alexa rank widget this helps us keep  track in our rankings and also joining groups and threads helps our ranking gets even better.

Here are some advantages I gather in installing Alexa rank widget:

  • You can just check your rankings right away.
  • Helps your blog or website boost ranking by just installing this widget.
  • You can easily compare your rankings from your competitor.
  • Having a stable and good Alexa ranking will help you get more advertisers.
  • Good Alexa ranking will help your website looks  trusted and secure.

So How to Add Alexa Rank Widget?

  First thing is you must logged in as administrator of your website. For WordPress users  head over to APPEARANCE >> WIDGETS  >> TEX T WIDGET where you will be putting the codes.

  Pick first the desired size. Copy the codes. Then before pasting it to the text widget, replace first some of its parts like to your website address.

120 x 95

<a href="">
 <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script></a>

120 x 240

<a href="">
 <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script></a>

460 x 6O

<a href="">
 <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script></a>

Alexa widget sizes

That’s it you already have your Alexa rank widget.  Enjoy Blogging!

For more information and advantages of Alexa rankings head over here: Why Alexa is Important & How Can You Improve Alexa Ranking

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16 thoughts on “Alexa Rank Widget Tips & Tutorial

  1. Alexa is such a huge factor in terms of driving in traffic to your site, the advertisers also use this as a reference when advertising on blogs or websites. It’s really something that we should use.

  2. Before I had this widget on my blog but it disappear after I change some layouts. Thanks for sharing this tip.
    I hope this will work now.

  3. yes, I often check my alexa ranks..but I don’t know if advertisers still consider this…most of the time my advertisers would ask for domain authority,etc.

    1. Hi Alex! Thanks for checking as out! No errors with the coding. Just simply copy the code and replace the part after the site info and url to your actual website. 🙂

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