Apple Unveiled IOS 10: Emojis are Getting 3x Bigger

     San Francisco, USA – Earlier this week Apple unveiled IOS 10 at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).  Craig Federighi Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering gives details on some latest software changes.

     These includes emoji’s getting 3x bigger and better. Rich link that will give users to send and play YouTube and Apple music Link. Dynamic  text bubbles that allows users to change tone of their messages.

     Invisible ink that will hide message and can be easily viewed in one or more swipe.  Camera button that will open directly to the camera. Apple revamping news, maps, and music and etc. See below for more information about Apple’s latest software update.

Craig Federighi - Apple Unveiled ios 10
Craig Federighi – Apple Unveiled ios 10

     Crag announces at the conference “People really love emoji, so we’ve made them three times bigger.” In the Apple’s new software update user can have the choice to replace words with emojis with just a tap. This feature by Apple called them “emojify” which means highlight words can be transform to into emoji saving you both time and energy. If your situation when you find it difficult to express you’re feeling you can easily use this bigger and better emojis in just a tap.  Cool isn’t?

     Apples’ VP Software Engineer Tim Cook also shared at the conference “We believe technology should lift humanity and enrich people’s lives in all the ways people want to experience it — whether that’s on the wrist, in the living room, on the desk, in the palm of their hand, in the car or even automating their home.”

“Children of tomorrow will have no understanding of the English language,”  Craig Federighi added.

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Apple Unveiled IOS 10 Update : Emojis are Getting 3x Bigger

  • The rich links in text message will give users the ability to send a YouTube or Apple Music link that will play right from the thread.
  • The camera button will now open directly to the Camera.
  • Personalized lock screen
  • Emoji are better and 3x bigger.
  • Emoji predictions  are now available.
  • Bubble effects let you change the tone of your message. You can make the text slam down into the thread, appear softly and then grow larger or
  • Send private message using invisible ink, which can be easily be revealed with just a swipe.
  • Use Digital Touch, handwriting and scribbles to add a personal touch to a message.
  • iMessage apps, such as Stickers, are coming this fall when Apple opens the app up to developers. There’s even going to be an App Store just for iMessage.
  • Revamping Apples News software, Music , Maps, Homekits and etc.

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