Balabac Island Palawan Facts: A Must Visit Gem Of The Philippines

     Balabac Island Palawan Facts – If you’re a proclaimed lover of pristine white sandy beach, crystal clear turquoise waters, gentle waves and a beautiful sunny day. There’s probably no reason you never heard the tropical islands of Maldives, Bora-Bora, Hawaii as well as the beautiful Asian nations of Thailand, Indonesia and of course the Philippines.

     Home of scenic and post-card worthy tourist destination and world’s best islands with more than 7,000 islands. The Philippines could be your perfect beach haven get-away to unwind, relax, enjoy your holiday/vacation and meet friendly locals plus its cheap country to travel.  Now one of the secluded places in the Philippines we’re recommending are getting a lot of attention lately in social media. Get to know more with about this place with our Balabac Island Palawan facts and visit soon before this paradise becomes hidden no more.

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Balabac Island Palawan Facts: A Must Visit Gem Of The Philippines

Balabac Island Palawan Facts - Travel Guide

1. Balabac Islands  is one of few secluded paradise of the country, situated  in the southern-westernmost of the province of Palawan, Philippines. Specifically about 50 kilometers (31 miles) north from Sabah, Malaysia across Balabac Strait and even Borneo Island is nearer to the islands of Balabac  than the city of Puerto Princesa.

2. Balabac is a group of more than 30 untouched by commercialization islands and islets blessed with rich marine life, vast different shades of blue crystal clear waters, unique rock formations and fine white sand beaches and sandbars like no other in the country.

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3. Balabac is even now dubbed as the “The Last of the Last Frontier” and was featured in the award-winning Philippine television news and lifestyle magazine – Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. 

4. According to Wikipedia, the islands is also home to various endemic species of birds like the Philippine cockatoo, Palawan horn bill, grey imperial pigeon, blue-headed racket-tail and the greater mouse-deer that can only be found in Balabac.

Balabac Island Palawan Philippines - Island Hopping
Balabac Island Palawan Philippines – Island Hopping Photo Credits: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho  – The Last of the Last Frontier

Palawan Accommodation Book Via: AGODA  | BOOKING.COM

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5. Compare to the much popular province destination like Coron and El Nido, obviously the remoteness of the secluded islands makes it not your usual Palawan trip that its more worth visiting for  beach and adventure people.

6. Onuk – one of the most popular island in Balabac is said to be privately owned by the Mayor of the municipality with an entrance fee of 2,500 ($50) daytour.

7. The municipality of Balabac is also home to dugongs, sawfishes, sea turtles and salt water crocodiles.  In which in late 2018 as per Rappler reports, authorities launch hunt and capture  a 15.6 feet ling man-eating crocodile that is believed to have killed a local fisherman.

8. If you wish to visit and see the beauty of  Balabac for yourself,  see here for various blogs sharing their travel guides, tips and experiences on how to make the most of your trip: Choose Philippines – Lakwatsero – Budget Travel Guide

Balabac Island Palawan Facts - Travel Guide and Facts
Balabac Island Palawan Facts – Travel Guide | Photo Credits: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho  – The Last of the Last Frontier

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