Bantayan Island Travel Guide: Itinerary + Where To Stay + Things To Do And More

     Bantayan Island Travel Guide – The summer heat is about to end fellas!! If you’re still imagining yourself in a long fine stretch of white sand beach, crystal clear waters, drinking some soda or a cocktail, wearing the best summer outfit that you have under the heat of the sun. Then you should definitely consider visiting Bantayan Island in your long list of travel destinations. Situated in the west of northern tip of Cebu, this faraway island around 3-4 hours of land travel from North Bus Terminal, Cebu is definitely worth traveling as the first thing you noticed when you hit the Island is its crystal clear waters and long stretches of white sand beach.

     Bantayan Island consists of 3 municipalities namely Bantayan, a 1st municipal income class municipality where you can witness picture perfect sunsets/sunrise as well as centuries old churches and houses. Madridejos on the other hand is a fishing village, known for its great history. Lastly, Sta. Fe – a paradise for beach lovers, haven for sunset/sunrise admirer and perfect for people looking for jam-packed activities.  If any of these things make you want to visit the island right now, then you should definitely continue reading below for our  Bantayan Island  travel guide!! Hopefully you’ll find these helpful!!

How To Get To Bantayan Island:

Bantayan Island Travel Guide - Sunrise On Our Way To Santa Fe
Bantayan Island Travel Guide – Sunrise On Our Way To Santa Fe

     There’s definitely no easy way to get to the paradise of Northern Cebu. From Mactan International Airport, taking a cab to get to North Bus terminal is the most convenient way we can suggest. From North Bus Terminal, take a bus/van going to Hagnaya Port, San Remegio for estimated time travel of 3-4 hours. Fare for non-air con/air con bus is around 160-180 pesos.

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      When you already reach Hagnaya port, you’ll have to take a ferry going to Sta. Fe for less than an hour travel. Fare is 170 pesos + 10 pesos terminal  fee. At Sta. Fe, the modes of transportation that can take you to the hotel/resort are motorbikes and tricycle.  Regular fare is around 10 -20 pesos each.

Departures from Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island:

3AM, 5AM,6:30AM, 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:30PM, 3:30PM, 5:30 PM

Departures from Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island to Hagnaya Port:

3AM, 5AM,7:30AM, 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 2:30PM, 5:00PM, 5:30 PM 

     Note: Major commercial airlines like Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippine Airlines fly daily direct to Cebu from Manila, Clark, Siargao, Surigao, Legaspi, Zamboanga, Caticlan, Dumaguete, Bacolod, IloIlo, Roxas, Butuan, Puerto Princesa, Ozamis and etc.

Where To Stay In Bantayan Island: Hotel/Beach Resort In Bantayan Island:

Bantayan Island Travel Guide - Taken at Mayet Resort Bantayan
Bantayan Island Travel Guide – Taken at Mayet Resort Bantayan

     Accommodation in Sta. Fe is not that costly. For as low as P500.00, you can avail a single-fan room,  to fancy and comfy air-conditioned room for groups up to high-end resorts that offers great amenities. There will be just great accommodation coming your way if you do a little research and comparison on resort/hotel prices that suits your budget and needs. See below for suggested hotel/beach resort in Bantayan Island (Sta.Fe).

Book via Agoda: The Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas and Suites

  •  Contact #: (032) 316 8054

Book via Agoda: Marlins Beach Resort

  • Contact #: (032) 438 9093

Book via Agoda: Beach Placid Resort

  • Contact #: 0917 722 2993

Book via Agoda:  Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

  • Contact #: 0918 940 8066

Book Via Agoda: CouCou Lodge

  • Contact #: (032) 438 9385

Book Via Agoda: Saint Bernard Beach Resort

  • Contact #: 0917 963 6162

Book Via Agoda: Kota Beach Resort

  • Contact #: (032) 438 9042

Book Via Agoda: Ogtong Cave Resort

  • Contact #: (032) 438 9129

Book Via Agoda: Bantayan Cottages

  • Contact #: (032) 438 9358

Book Via Agoda: Santa Fe Beach Club

  • Contact #: (032) 438 9090

Book Via Agoda: Anika Island Resort

  • Contact #: 0917 328 4898

Things To Do In Bantayan Island:

Bantayan Island Travel Guide - Biking In Sta. Fe
Bantayan Island Travel Guide – Biking In Sta. Fe

     A day in Bantayan is definitely not enough to explore and enjoy the beauty of this paradise. In our case we had only 2 days and 1 night yet we still missed a lot of activities and attraction like the Nature Park of island, Mangrove Eco Park, centuries old churches and more. Now if you’re visiting the island and your budget and time permits, there’s more than a beach that you could enjoy in Bantayan. See below for suggested places and activities you should definitely visit!!

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  • Island Hopping                                                                                                      – Price ranges to 700 – 1200 pesos / day use
  • Hilantagaan Island                                                                                               – No entrance fee
  • Virgin Island                                                                                                           – 500 pesos entrance fee first 2, 100/pax                                                                                                                                                    for     subsequent people
  • Paradise Beach                                                                                                       – 50 pesos entrance fee
  • Resort Hopping                                                                                                      – Free
  • Kota Beach (Picture taking Famous Camp Sawi)                                        – Free
  • Visit the centuries old churches ( St. Peter & Paul Church)                  – Free
  • Visit The Ruins                                                                                                         – No entrance fee
  • Ogtong Cave                                                                                                             – 100 pesos entrance fee
  • Mangrove Eco Park                                                                                                 – 50 pesos entrance fee
  • Bantayan Island Nature Park                                                                            – 200 pesos entrance fee
  • Biking                                                                                                                           – Rent ranges to 50-150 pesos (24 Hours Use)
  • Cliff Jumping (The Ruins)                                                                                     – Free
  • Sky Diving (Tandem Skydiving)                                                                          – Price starts at 18,000 each

For more information about the bucket-list worth (Tandem Skydiving), visit SkyDiveCebu official website for pricing and details.

Where To Dine In Bantayan Island:

     Dining at Bantayan Island has never been a problem, as every resort/hotel wherever you stay has their own restaurant. But if you’re on tight budget and you’re looking for carenderia or barbeque stalls or perhaps fresh seafood, then just head to Bantayan Public Market and see if what food that could bring the best of your appetite. Take note, unlike Boracay in the province of Aklan there’s no such thing as popular fast food chains like Jollibee, McDonald’s, Starbucks and etc. But there are local restaurants and bar near the Market where you can just chill and have fun.

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Bantayan Island Travel Guide: Other Friendly Tips and Information

Bantayan Island Travel Guide - The Famous Camp Sawi

Bantayan Island Travel Guide - The Ruins

* Local people in Bantayan are very friendly, whenever you go biking and decided to visit the popular Camp Sawi, Ogtong Cave, The Ruins and etc. Just ask random people politely and they will just give you directions and other information that you needed.

* Be mindful with your belongings. Though we haven’t experience any loss during our Bantayan trip, we had this incident when we forgot that we left our gadgets in our bicycle when we’re doing cliff jumping. To make it safe, leave inessential gadgets and bulky things when exploring Bantayan, might as well avoid wearing expensive jewelries and accessories during beach/resort hopping.

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* If we’re not mistaken, there is a bank/ATM machine (Allied Bank) in the town if you’re running out cash. But play it safe, withdraw extra money so you won’t have any problem in your vacation.

* Signal in Bantayan is pretty decent. You can just upload and share your photo in various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc…

Total 2D and 1N Bantayan Island Expenses:

  • Bus To Hagnaya Port ( 165 Pesos )                                – 330 B/F
  • Ferry Fee + Environmental Fee ( 170 + 10 )               – 360 B/F
  • Tricycle To Resort / Back to Port                                      – 40
  • Hotel Accommodation (2000 for 5 person)               – 400
  • Rent Bicycle                                                                                        – 150
  • Island Hopping (800 for 5 person)                                 – 160
  • Virgin Island Entrance Fee                                                     – 100
  • Food Expenses                                                                                 – 350
  • Bantayan Island Souvenirs                                                   – 200

Total Expenses: 2090 Pesos

Here’s Our 2Days 1Night Itinerary: Bantayan Island Travel Guide

Virgin Island Bantayan Island Cebu Travel Guide - The Yolo Moments

Day 1:

11:45 AM                                       – Assembly Time and Breakfast at North Bus Terminal

12:00 AM                                       – Departure time to Hagnaya Port, San Remigio Cebu

3:30 AM                                         – Waiting for ferry to depart in Hagnaya (Rest/Snacks)

4:00 AM                                         – Departure from Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe

5:00 AM                                         – Arrived at Sta. Fe / Check-in to hotel / Have some breakfast and snack / Chill

6:30 AM                                         – Start of Activity (Biking, Beach/Resort hopping, Ogtong Cave, Cliff Jumping, The Ruins)

11:30 AM                                       – Had Some Lunch in Mercado (Barbeque) / Back To Hotel / Rest

2:30 PM                                      – Explore the municipality of Sta. Fe (biking) / Relax at Kota beach / Witness sunsets

5:30 PM                                          – Back at resort / Prepare for dinner

7:00 PM                                          – Dinner at Chef Panyang Restaurant / Chill / Relax

9:30 PM                                          – Head back to our beach resort / Had some liquors along the sea shore / Sleep

Day 2: 

7:00 AM                                         – Call time / Prepare ourselves / Breakfast

8:30 AM                                         – Kota Beach / Island Hopping (Virgin Island, Paradise beach, Hilantagaan Island)

11:30 AM                                       – Back to the resort / Lunch / Relax and Ready for Departure

2:20 PM                                          – Back to Sta Fe Port / Ready for ferry departure

3:30 PM                                          – From Hagnaya Port / Take a Bus or van back to Cebu North Bus Terminal

7:00 PM                                          – Already at Cebu North Bus Terminal

Here’s a Video Summary Of Our Whole Bantayan Island Experience:

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