Best Beer Travel Destination You Should Visit

     Best 2018 Beer Travel Destination – They say life is too short. To wear boring clothes. To dine at regular fast food chain every week. To work 8-9 hours a day just to pay bills. To wait for something great to happen and so much more. That’s why most adults specifically millennials today prefer to travel first in various travel destination around the globe. Than working years in corporate world after graduating, investing in life insurance, stock market, housing and car loans and etc.

   Well we can’t blame them as our world has much of beautiful wonders to discover. Who doesn’t want to be in a serene white sand beach with friends having the best outfit under the heat of the sun. Or to be in beautiful restaurant/building in an overlooking view of the city having a great cold beer in hand. Now if you’re into these kind of travel where you want your beer/liquor to be the best of the world. Then continue reading below as we’re about to list down best 2018 beer travel destination!! Enjoy!!

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Best 2018 Beer Travel Destination You Should Visit Includes:

Best 2018 Beer Travel Destination You Should Visit

3. Chicago, Illinois

     – Known for its historical and vibrant culture, mouth-watering food like their Chicago style pizza and hotdogs, Maxwell Street Polish Sausage as well as its jazz music. The third most populous city in the United States – Chicago, Illinois which is often called as one of the most important business center and global architecture capital of the world. Has one of the best alcoholic drink in the world with its famous brewery stations like Forbidden Root, Off Color, Pipeworks, Half Acre, Goose Island and much more. For best Chicago breweries, Thrillist an online media brand covering food, drink, travel and entertainment posted an article with this topic.

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Iconic Buildings At Time Square New York

Iconic Buildings At Time Square New York | Photo Credits: Owner

2. New York, New York

     – From its world famous buildings and architectures particularly Times Square and Statue of Liberty, Broadway theaters, museums, cinemas, shopping centers, colorful electronic billboards. The city of New York can give you tons of reason to visit and one of them is its thirst quenching and premium beers. Nation’s best breweries like Manhattan Brewing Company, Brooklyn, Sixpoint, Brewery Ommegang, and Coney Island Brewery those are just few of best breweries in New York and throughout the state. Now if you can make a visit here, make sure you don’t miss their best tasting beer.

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Best 2018 Beer Travel Destination You Should Visit - James River Morning View

Best 2018 Beer Travel Destination You Should Visit – James River Morning View | Photo Credits: Owner

1. Richmond, Virginia

     – Topped VinePair list of “Worlds Best Beer Destination,” the capital of Virginia one of America’s oldest major cities. Continues to progress as popular tourist destination not just from its historical museums, parks and other attractions but with its best tasting exceptional beers. From the City of Richmond itself, more than 20 breweries have opened including Stone Brewing, Hardwood park Craft, Strangeways Brewing and more.

For complete list of these destination check out: VinePairOfficial Website

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