Blogging Tips 101 : How To Attract Readers

       As a part of our “1st Blog Anniversary event” this August, We will be sharing our knowledge and experience in blogging. But let me remind you that we are no professional in this field but we will do our best to share our ideas based on our understanding as we work as an junior SEO before. Enjoy!

First, how to attract readers? Is it really important to have a readers?

     Of course we all want to increase our site’s page views, the unique visitors and as much as possible we all want to have many readers. But if your website is for private purpose only where only your family, your friends and yourself can view it well that would be another story.

     But basically it is really important to have a reader because this will determine if were doing well in this job. We all want to be appreciated by our work, we all want the people all over the world could read our articles and we all want our readers to be inspired through our works at the same time we can provide usable information for them.

    Can you imagine that your website is having only 1 unique visitors per day and that unique visitor is you, no one left comments on your post, and no one likes and shares your article even if how good that article is. How would you feel? . But it’s “OK” , its normal if your just starting . So how to attract readers? Lets get start and just follow our simple tips and instructions and hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful.

Tip #1 : Focus on your article title

    When we say “article title” we are talking about the title of your post and this must be engaging and catchy enough so that you can attract readers. For example, in my case I use a lot of “trigger words” in my article title like: how, what, why, when, the top 10, 6 tips and so on.
* How Filipino’s Celebrate Halloween

* 10 Amazing Selfie’s You Should Check Out

* Top 5 Best Restaurants You Must Visit Before You Die

    Another technique we will be sharing is “asking a question in your title” like your just asking on them personally. In our almost a year of blogging, most of our visited post are in this format. We promise this is really effective. 🙂

* How Important Is To Socialize?

*If you were a superhero,what would be your superpower and why?

    These are just few techniques we practiced to attract readers and if you want more we recommend you to read this amazing post. “5 Easy Tricks to Help You Write Catchy Headlines” and ” 5 Tips for Writing Brilliant Blog Titles”.

Note: With millions of new post published each day, it is really hard to compete with other well known websites. That’s why it is really important to create awesome title to make people click on it.

Tip #2 : The power of social media

      Never underestimate the power of social media. With of millions people  using social media as as their source of daily news and information. This is really an effective way to attract readers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr are just few of your options and there’s still tons of social media everywhere.

      In our case we use a lot of social media even though there’s no assurance if we can generate traffic from there. I have Facebook Page for this website. We use our personal Twitter to shout-out our post. We use use Tumblr to connect with WordPress. We have Pinterest to pin every photo in our article. We have Reddit to share our post and a lot to mention.


Please like our Facebook Page to receive updates from this  website 🙂

Another tip: As much as possible make your post easy to share. What I mean is that, what if your reader want’s to share you post? That will surely generate a traffic from your site.

Tip #3 : Liking and commenting other websites

         Let me share  a little of my story. When we was just starting, no one know that this site exist and no one likes and comment in my post until we comment from that particular blog. That owner of that website comment in my “About Page” and that’s how we conclude we should do more liking and commenting other website. We was all over the place liking and commenting everywhere and until now we are still practicing it. Its actually cool when you interact different races all over the world. It means you really need to invest time in blogging.

In WordPress , there are tags you can use to find other blog. Here’s my tag list:

* Food , Life , Photography, Travel, Yolo, Quotes, Philippines, Tagalog, Filipino, Home and News.

Note: This is really an effective to attract readers but when we say like and comment other sites. Never spam their inbox and never comment “please visit my site.” Its their decision if they want to visit your site or not. So keep calm use your common sense and just like and comment from other blogs.

Tip #4: The 2 sentence  rule and Using  of   Pictures

    Have you noticed the first two sentences and the first photo while you are previewing  at WordPress feed,Rss feed, email and etc.? That’s the first thing they see in your post. That’s why it  really important to follow this rule because it’s the first thing that your readers see. So take advantage of this tip, and make your best 2 sentences catchy and persuading for your readers.



    For this part , we just want to give credit to the person where I learned this very helpful tips (Ms. Andrea from Cookingwithawallflower). 🙂

Tip #5: Know Some Basic SEO



    PS: Please use this poll below if you find our tips useful. This poll will determine if we should make a part 2 of this or make another blogging tips. Have a great day! #Happy1stBlogAnniversary #YoloMoments#BloggingTips101

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  1. These are great tips! I want to increase the reach of my blogs. I will have to look more into this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tips, you nailed it! I was pretty active in blogging 6 yrs ago but got caught up in the rat race so my blogs took the backseat until I finally lost 2 of them that had PR1. Blogging looks easy but it eats up time because you just don’t stop at writing, you also network with other bloggers and readers. You use social media, and all the other tips you mentioned here. Nevertheless, whether you earn from it or not, it’s fun! 🙂

  3. Nice tips. You just made me realized i really need to do something with my blog. Been blogging since way back when blogging was not even the thing. Unfortunately I deleted my first blog and when I felt that I don’t like doing it anymore. sigh…

  4. This is a great list, Mark! You write really well and seems like you have plenty of ideas to share. Keep doing what you do!

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